Sathya: Sathya recording Dinesh Illegal business

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Zee Tamil’s much loved show Sathya which keeps entertaining its audience with an interesting story line, is now gearing up for further drama.

This show revolves around Sathya and her love interest Prabhu . Now serial focusing on Soumya secret marriage with Kathir and how Sathya gonna tackle the situation .

In the previous episode we saw how did Sadashivam denied to take Sathya for shopping and Prabhu argues with him for Sathya. He takes her out for shopping where their family too reached . Anitha suspected their motive . Sathya informed to Soumya that Kathir will come there to choose wedding sarie for her . Kathir reached there he lied to Prabhu he was there to shop for his Exam . Anitha suspected Kathir Prabhu supported him. Soumya asked Kathir to meet her secretly . Anitha send Veerasingham to spy them .

In the latest episode Veerasingham missed Soumya and Kathir . Kathir and Soumya spending quality time with each other . Anitha came search for Veerasingham . Veerasingham suspected Kathir and Soumya might be inside the trial room and punched on random lady she informed it to her husband he beaten Veerasingham .

He again got beaten from ladies when he checked Soumya in ladies toilet. Dinesh selecting sarie for Soumya she chose the sarie which kathir selected . Sathya evesdrops Dinesh chat with his friends and comes to know his illegal business. Sathya and Prabhu following him and recorded it .

What will happen next ? Is prabhu can able to prove Dinesh double face or not ? Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tuned with our space for more updates.