Sathya: Sathya to face financial crisis

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Zee Tamil popular hit show ‘Sathya’ is taking a twist by bringing Divya back to the story. Story focusing on how Sathya enduring Divya’s torture. Earlier we saw Sathya failed to pay the money. viewers will see slum people to help Sathya

In the previous episode we saw; Prabhu gave 50 lakhs to Sathya for her construction work . Sadhasivam disliked it and questioned Prabhu. He informed to him its his own money. Anitha provoked Sadhasivam against Sathya. Ramalingam introduced the new dealers with Sathya and demanded her to pay the advance amount to them. Sathya said to them she needs two days time to pay them. Sathya talked with Prabhu about it he gave cheque to them but they informed to Sathya account is nill. Prabhu learnt the truth and confront Sadhasivam.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Prabhu will question Sadhasivam why did he transfer all his money to office account? Sadhsivam will inform to him office account is lack of money for payment. Prabhu will lashes out at him for not informing to him before. Sathya will face trouble to pay the investor. Janaki will give her jewels to her to pay them. One grandma will notice this and inform to the slum people. Slum people will give all their jewels to Sathya for her needs.

What will happen next? Will Sathya start her project without any problem? Will Prabhu help her? How will Sathya gonna solve this problem?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.