Sathya: Sathya to meet with an accident

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Zee Tamil popular hit show ‘Sathya’ is taking a twist by bringing Divya back to the story. Story focusing on how Sathya enduring Divya’s torture. Earlier we saw Prabhu requested to Ravi for Sathya.
viewers will see that Sathya to meet with an accident.

In Today’s episode we see; Anitha and Veerasingham wishes to abort Sathya’s baby at any cost. They poures oil on floor to make her fall. Sathya stepping down unaware of their plan. Prabhu calls her before she place her feet on oil. He gives medicine to her. Sathya again comes there but Sadhasivam over take her and slips down. Doctor checks him and says to him that his leg got fractured. He needs rest. Sathya thank him for saving her. Sadhasivam complaints to Anitha that someone intentionally did it to make him fall. Sadhasivam confess the truth to him he slapped him in anger. Slum boy comes to invite Sathya for his shop opening ceremony. Sathya refuses to go there reasoning her pregnancy. Anitha shares it to Sadhasivam. He asks his henchman to send message to Sathya from Prabhu’s phone. He agrees to do it.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Sathya will get a message from Prabhu. He will write to her that he couldn’t able to pick her up so she wanna attend the function alone. Sathya will decide to attend the function alone. Anitha and Veerasingham will cut the bike’s break wire. Sathya will ride the bike unaware of the truth. Sathya will loss the balance and meet with an accident.

What will happen next? Will Sathya save her baby? What will be Prabhu’s next move?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.