Sathya: Sathya to thank her mother in law

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Zee Tamil popular hit show ‘Sathya’ is taking a twist by bringing Divya back to the story. Story focusing on how Sathya enduring Divya’s torture. Earlier we saw Sathya fight with goons . viewers will see Sathya to thank Indhumathi.

In Today’s episode we see; Sathya beats the goon and says to him doesn’t she warned him to don’t try to harm her stomach reasoning her pregnancy. She shows black and blue to the goons. Prabhu and his mom reaches to there after goons runs from there. Indhumathi and Janaki enquires her what happened? Janaki questions her in doubt Is she fighted with goons? She lies to them as no. Sathya pretends like innocent and tells her she won’t fight while carrying baby. Sathya places the construction board on that site happily. Ramalingam comes to meet Sathya but Sadhasivam insults him by mentioning him as slum. Prabhu and Sathya comes there and invites him inside. He informs to Sathya tomorrow its good auspicious day to do boomi pooja. Sathya agree to do it.

In the upcoming episode viewers will; One old lady will visit Indhumathi’s house and give colostrum ( first milk of cow). She will ask Indhumathi to give it to Sathya reasoning its good for pregnant woman. Soumya will hear it and demand Indhumathi to give colostrum to her. Indhumathi will deny it. She will complain to Prabhu about it but he will support Soumya. Divya will notice this all and provokes Sathya against Prabhu. Sathya will lashes out at her. Prabhu will happy to see it. Janaki will gift Colostrum to Sathya.

What will happen next? Will Sathya can able to finish the project? Will Sadhasivam allow Sathya to do the boomi pooja?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.