Sathya : What will be Sathya’s next move?


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Zee Tamil popular hit show ‘Sathya’ is all set to engage audience with its interesting story line. Audience are in love with the lead couple ‘Sathya’ and ‘Prabhu’. We are going to see how Sathya going to support Selvi in upcoming episodes. Earlier we saw that Sathya scared Saravana pretendend like ghost. Now we will be see Prabhu will take Sathya to Psychiatrist.

In the previous episode we saw; Saravana informed to his family members that he saw ghost. Sadhasivam asked him to prove it. Saravana took them to Veerasingham room to question him. Veerasingham lied to them that he didn’t saw any ghost. Saravana scoldend him. Anitha scoldeden Saravana for not giving respect to him. Sathya pretended like head pain. Sadhasivam asked Saravana to stay in guest house. Saravana asked one staff to send one night stand to him. Selvi scared Saravana. After her Sathya scared him. Saravana went back to his house in fear. Sathya lashed out at him for drinking. Sathya punished Saravana.

In Today’s episode we see; Sathya talks with Saravana in Selvi’s voice. Saravana refuses to eat the tasteless food. Sathya reminds him how did he ate tasteless food to impress Selvi. Sathya asks him to eat the food. She smashes his head on food plate when he refuses to eat it. Indhumathi and Sadhasivam caught her red handed. He complaints that Sathya is pretending like ghost possessed. Sathya continuously playing two roles to confuse them. She warns them that she will never leave without getting justice for her death! She says to all that Saravana’s death will be in her hand. Sathya pretends like faint. Prabhu tries to check Whether Sathya is possessed? He scares to see Sathya. Sathya admires Prabhu while he sleeping. Prabhu takes Sathya to Psychiatrist. Sathya questions him Is he staring her like mental? He deny it and takes her in. Sathya understands that he trying to kick out the ghost from her through doctor. She wishes to teach a lesson to doctor.

What will happen next? Will Sathya torture Doctor too? Will she make Saravana confess the truth to all? Will they accept Selvi as their daughter in law?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions. Stay tune with our space for more updates.