Sathya: Will Prabhu talk with Sathya again?

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Zee Tamil popular hit show ‘Sathya’ is taking a twist by bringing Divya back to the story. Story focusing on how Sathya enduring Divya’s torture. Earlier we saw Sathya demanded Prabhu disappointed with Sathya. viewers will see that Sathya to feel guilty.

In the previous episode we saw; Prabhu scolded Kathir for driving faster. He drove instead of him. Prabhu took Sathya to temple along with Indhumathi. Sathya questioned Prabhu why did he took her here? He informed to her that he gonna give thulabaram for her baby. Priest asked Sathya to take round around the temple while holding the lamp. He reminded her that she wanna make sure lamp shouldn’t blow off in breeze and reach back on time. Sathya done the pariharam mean while and rowdy snatched gold chain from one lady and ran from there. Sathya chased behind him. Priest said to Prabhu good time is over let’s do this pooja another one day. Sathya returned the chair to that lady and reached back.

In the upcoming episode viewers will see; Nirmala will say to Sathya they didn’t came here for her but for the heir she is carrying. Sathya will try to convince Prabhu and Indhumathi but he leave from there. Prabhu will reach to home Sathya will try to explain to him but he lashes out at her and clears with her he won’t talk with her. Family will also stands with Sathya. Sathya will try in all way to unite with him but he ignores her. Sathya will cry in front of Indhumathi. She will talk with Prabhu and convince him. He will agree to speak with her for her happiness.

What will happen next? Will Prabhu talk with Sathya again? When will Sathya find out the truth?

Upcoming episode will answer to our all questions stay tune with our space for more updates.