Saturday Shout-out: Actors who will nail as ‘baddie’ On-Screen!

Alike Hero; villain too play crucial role in carrying the story forward. An effective antagonist adds more spark in the story. Thus, choosing the best villain for the show is equally important to drag the audience attention.

For a change artists who believe in experimenting roles are now looking for an opportunity to play ‘baddie’ on-screen to flaunt their acting skills. Hero in the show is portrayed monotonously as they have to be ‘good’ at the end of the day. In comparison to protagonist, antagonists have lot more to do. Fans are also welcoming their favourites in various characters apart from just being ‘hero’ of the show. The amount of appreciation Sharad Malhotra, Vishal Vashishstha, Arjun Bijlani got for playing ‘baddie’ on-screen; trio and few more are setting great example for others. Their success in negative role proved ‘a hero is a hero beyond being a protagonist too’. Thus, here we are listing the names of few actors whom we think can surely make an impact on us by playing an antagonist in their next project. Check out the name below and comment only if you agree with us!

Saturday Shout-out: Actors who will nail as ‘baddie’ On-Screen!

Karan Patel:

According to us, Karan Patel will best suit the role of ‘antagonist’. He is a flawless actor and can bring life to any character. Thus, playing ‘baddie’ on-screen won’t be very challenging for him as he is a versatile actor. And we are very sure if he can make us love him as ‘Raman Bhalla’ than he can surely make us hate him if he ever plays ‘baddie’ on-screen. We all will love to hate him! Don’t we?

Vivian Dsena:

In the one of the most successful show ‘Madhubala Ek Ishq-Ek Junoon’, Vivian made millions of fans to fall for the character of ‘RK’ who in the starting was very arrogant personality. If Dsena can bring the life to the character like Rishabh Kundra. Than we are very sure if he will be given to play full ‘baddie’, sexy hunk will surely freeze our screen with his stellar performance.

Shaheer Sheikh:

Villians mostly express themselves through their eyes or gestures. Shaheer’s eyes speak volume and none can deny the fact. The temper in his eyes will say it all, thus we suggest Sheikh should experiment playing antagonist in his next project. Shaheer will ace the character we bet!

Vikram Singh Chauhan:

Vikram flaunted his skill being antagonist in the show ‘Ek Deewaana Tha’. He brilliantly played the character. Hence, we don’t mind if Vikram once again grace our screen as ‘baddie’. 

Mohsin Khan:

Seeing him in a subtle character ‘Kartik Goenka’ is getting monotonous now! Mohsin is a great star and we strongly believe he should experience lot more traits. ‘Baddie’ will suit him we feel! Comment if you think alike.

Barun Sobti:

We feel Barun Sobti should break him ‘Arnav or Aarav Singh Raizada’ image. He should back with a bang as a ‘baddie’. The way he delivers the dialogue, brings out the chemistry; his acting chops are unmatchable. Thus, he will outshine if ever he plays antagonist in the show.

Karan V Grover:

Last but not the least; Karan V Grover is well-known for experimenting the roles. From playing scientist to doctor; KVG experienced himself on-screen. And we surely want him to play ‘baddie’ on-screen because we all know he will kill it!.

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