Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 18th November 2023 Written Update: Rashmi blames Siya for their situation

Saubhagyavati Bhava 2 18th November 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Khushi’s condition gets worsen. Viraj asks Khushi to not leave him. Dadi tells him that everything will be fine. Viraj says that he will die if anything happened to Khushi then. He asks doctor to do something. They receives antidote. Doctor insects antidote. Viraj tells Khushi that she will be fine.


Siya says that Riya is ACP so police will search her. Rashmi tells Siya that the latter should be glad she did not tell the truth to Riya. Siya asks her that why she left the house when Viraj told her to not do that. Rashmi asks her that why she should listen Viraj. She says that first Siya controlled her and now Viraj is controlling her. She adds that she felt suffocated in the house that’s why she went out. Siya asks her that if the latter has any idea that how much she suffered in Raghav’s house.

She tells Rashmi that the latter is becoming selfish. She says that this situation is difficult for her too. She asks her to not behave like this atleast for their father sake. Rashmi asks her to not talk about their father. She says that she cries every day thinking about her father. She asks her that why she should suffer for Siya. She adds that Siya got abusive husband because of her fate.

Doctor tells Viraj that Khushi will regain her consciousness soon. Dadi worries about Siya and Rashmi. Siya comes there. Dadi asks Siya about Rashmi. Siya tells her that Rashmi is angry at her so Rashmi will come later. Viraj asks her that what happened. Khushi regains her consciousness. She tells Viraj that she packed her luggage. Viraj and Siya smiles. Siya tells Khushi that the latter will stay with Viraj.

Later, Rashmi enters her house. Her mother asks her what happened. She says that she will ask Siya if Rashmi don’t say anything then. Rashmi tells her to ask Siya because everything is happening because of Siya. Dadi asks her that what happened. Rashmi tells her everything. Dadi scolds her. Rashmi tells her that they won’t hear anything against Siya and goes inside.

Siya asks Viraj about house temple. Viraj says that he don’t believe in God because God snatches his loved ones from him. She tells him that God saved Khushi. She keeps Lord Krishna’s idol in the house temple. She asks God to protect Khushi always. Khushi asks God to send Siya if the latter can’t come then. She drags Viraj to house temple.

Later, Viraj says that he won’t spare Raghav. Siya asks him to control his anger. She says that they have to give pain to Raghav. Raghav tells Viraj to return Siya to him. Viraj tells him that real game started now. He asks to on the projector. Raghav gets shocked seeing Siya’s dead body. He says that Siya can’t die. He asks Viraj to say the latter is joking.

Episode ends.

Precap  – Siya asks Raghav confess his crimes.

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