Saubhagyavati Bhava 2: Will Siya become Khushi’s mother?

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In the Star Bharat show Saubhagyavati Bhava 2, Siya and Viraj will get ready to execute their last move. Will they get succeed in their plan? To learn more check out below.


In the current track, Siya thinks that Avinash did not leave the hospital yet but she could not find him. She goes to help the pregnant lady. Avinash enters the room and tells Raghav’s mother that he came to get the patient’s DNA sample for DNA test. Nandini takes the DNA sample of the patient. Siya learns that, that lady is not pregnant. She understands that Avinash is behind this and runs to the room. She asks Avinash that what is he doing there. Avinash tells her about DNA test.

Later, Avinash receives the results of DNA test and learns that Raghav’s DNA got matched with the patient’s DNA. He asks Nandini that if she made any mistake. Nandini scolds him. She tells him that maybe he is wrong about Raghav. He tells himself that he is right about Raghav’s death.

Siya removes the bandage of the patient. Raghav’s sister Risha tells thanks to Siya for finding her. Next day, Khushi asks Siya to become her mother.

In the upcoming episode, Siya will tell Viraj that they have to execute the final move. Dadi will receive a threat letter and she will learn that someone know she killed Raghav.

What is Siya’s final move?

Will Dadi go to meet the blackmailer?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes.

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