Semaruthi: Akhila cleans Adhi’s room.

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ZeeTamil’s famous serie Semaruthi is gearing up for some new twists and turns in the show. Earlier it’s seen that Akhila and Raji have a confrontation in the road. Later a furious Raji visits Akhila and shares with her about meeting the rowdy girl on her way. Akhila tries to calm her down and asks Parvathi to bring two mint tea. She insists that Parvathi should bring the tea because she wants to introduce Parvathi to Raji. However, Parvathi couldn’t come, because Adhi took her to his room to talk about something important. Aishwarya takes the tea to Akhila’s room on behalf of Parvathi. Akhila asks Aishwarya to call Parvathi to her room since Raji wants to meet her.

In the upcoming episode, it will be shown that Raji and Parvathi will miss meeting each other in Akhila’s house as Raji will get an urgent call and will leave immediately. Akhila will decide to make them meet during her wedding anniversary function. At the night, when Adhi and Parvathi will be wondering where to sleep, Akhila will hand over Adhi’s room key to Aishwarya asking to give it to Adhi. Adhi, Parvathi, and everyone will be surprised to find Adhi’s room clean in spite of being locked for a long time.

Pattamal will reveal that Akhila cleaned Adhi’s room last night for him to stay here. Adhi will get an emotional hearing of this. Parvathi, who understands how much Akhila loves Adhi will blame herself for Adhi and Akhila’s separation. She will persuade Adhi to go and have a talk with Akhila. Adhi will go to his mom. However, he will feel reluctant to begin the conversation and will decide to leave.

Will Akhila understand Adhi’s hesitation? Will Akhila break the ice and begin the conversation?

All these questions will be answered in the upcoming episodes. To get the latest news about your favorite shows Sembaruthi, keep checking this space.