Sembaruthi 10th April 2021 Written Update: Parvathy promises to Bhavani

Sembaruthi 10th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vanaja asks Rajeshwari to say clearly what did she need from Akhila? No need to hesitate. Akhila will give anything to her if she ask? Purushothaman makes faces. Vadivelu also thinking why is Vanaja giving extra performance here? Vanaja signals to Rajeshwari. Akhila asks Rajeshwari to open up with her. Rajeshwari informs to Akhila that she knew well Akhila will never back off from her words! Though she can’t able to sit quietly in tension. She fears something will go wrong in her son’s marriage. Rajeshwari asks Akhila to promise on her family name that she will support her. Akhila and family gets shock to hear it. Uma scratches her head not understanding anything.

Parvathy says to Bhavani that she already assured to her, that she will help her to marry Mahesh. Then why did she agreed to do the register marriage with Mahesh? Perhaps he doesn’t know about Adhi’s family but Bhavani knew well about him. According to their family tredition, if they give promise to someone they won’t back off from their words. Bhavani appologizes to Parvathy. She says to her that Mahesh forced her to accept his decision. She has no other option then agreeing to it. Adhi asks Parvathy to forgive Bhavani. Parvathy dislikes the way she didn’t trust her words. Meanwhile Vanaj waiting to see Akhila promise to Rajeshwari. Purushothaman alerts Akhila that they can’t guess what’s store for them in future. What if anything go wrong in future after she promise to her. We will fail to keep our words. It will create bad name to their family. Rajeshwari emotionally locks Akhila using her mother sentiment.

Rajeshwari pleads with Akhila to promise her. Akhila agrees to do it for her. Akhila moves to her room. Vanaja signals to Rajeshwari. Akhila takes their family sword in her hand and prays to her father. She thinks that there is no situation come yet to promise on this sword! Now Rajeshwari asking her to promise on it. She prays to her father to help her to fulfill her promise. Akhila promises to Rajeshwari that she will help her to perform her son’s marriage. According to her wish. Rajeshwari feels happy and thank her. Akhila asks her to leave happily. Vanaja smirks at her. Meanwhile Parvathy says to Bhavani that there is no guarantee for her safety. It’s god grace that Adhi saved her from those goons. If anything happen to her then what will she answer to her grand mother? Bhavani appologizes to her. Parvathy takes her near idol. She promises to her that she will help her to marry Mahesh. Adhi too promises to her. Bhavani thank her. Parvathy bids bye to her and leaves.

Sundaram comes to meet Akhila. He is waiting in hall. Parvathy notices him and enquires him what’s the matter? He informs to her that Akhila asks him to pick her on 2pm. She has one meeting to attend at 2pm. Though she didn’t come yet. Parvathy go to check Akhila there. She notices that Akhila talking to the staff in phone angrily. She is scolding him for not arranging the meeting on time. Parvathy informs to him about it. Adhi comes there to take lunch. He imvites Sundaram too but he deny it. Adhi forces him to eat with him. Sundaram refuses to sit with him in fear. Adhi and Parvathy convices him. So Sundaram sits with him. Parvathy serves to him. Vanaja notices this and dislikes it. She notices Akhila is coming there.

Episode end.