Sembaruthi 10th February 2021 Written Update: Akhila reprimands Arun and Aishwarya

Sembaruthi 10th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Adhi asking how they can send Bavani alone to Mahesh’s house at midnight. Singaravellan suggests taking Bavani to Mahesh’s house. Parvathi asks Adhi to let Singaravellan accompany Bavani to which Adhi agrees. At Akhila’s mansion, Arun suggests celebrating Parvathi’s victory. Aishwarya agrees with him. Purushotaman says he wishes to celebrate it grantly but he’s worried about Akhila’s reaction.

Aishwarya says Akhila will not oppose. Arun says they can predict mom, in the beginning she hesitated to hand over the project to Parvathi, so they don’t know if she will consider the skin sheet success as a victory. He asks Purushotaman to talk to mom regarding this and get her permission. Aishwarya also agrees. Arun gets a call. He asks Aishwarya to attend the call, as he has to discuss with Purushotaman regarding the celebration.

Aishwarya says the Belgium company owner, Clement would like to talk to Akhila. If Akhila doesn’t assure him, he will give the project to someone else. They wonder what to do. Akhila herself doesn’t trust Parvathi in this projet, how she will give hope to Clement.

When Clerment phones Arun again, Purushotaman says to Akhila that Belgium company owner would like to speak to her. The latter says she handed over all the project responsibilities to Arun, then why he wants to speak to her. Purushotaman says Clement is insisting. Akhila speaks to Clement. She assures him that they’re in the last stage of clinical testing and will soon start the products production.

Purushotaman gets happy hearing Akhila. He shares the same with Arun and Aishwarya. They’re surprised and happy that Akhila gave hope to clement. They decide to celebrate it. As they’re discussing, Akhila comes there. She says she has given hope to Clement as she doesn’t want to break the trust that they have on Parvathi. She further says she doesn’t trust Parvathi. Parvathi had only crossed the skin sheet test which is only a concept stage. She asks them not to act like kids and leaves.

Vanaja has brought Parvathi’s cream to test on her skin. She shares the same with Uma. Vadivel overhears them. When they go to the washroom to wash their face, Vadivel mixes the bleaching power in the cream. Uma thinks of applying the cream before Vanaja comes out of the washroom. She puts the cream all over face.

After a while, she starts feeling irritation on her skin. Uma tries to stop Vanaja from applying the cream on her face, but Vanaja doesn’t listen to her. Vanaja also feels irritation on her skin. She scolds Uma for not alerting her beforehand. Vadivel laughs seeing their condition.

The episode ends.