Sembaruthi 10th July 2021 Written Update: Akhila prays for Parvathy

Sembaruthi 10th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhila says to god that Parvathy thinking Akhila is next to god. So she is here to pray for Parvathy. In this world life is precious then money. Parvathy is ready to sacrifice her life for Akhila’s happiness and family name. She tried hard to return the sword to her to save Akhila’s reputation. She already saved Akhila from snake bitten once. Now she got snake bitten to save Akhila’s reputation. She gonna do adipradarshanam for Parvathy just accept her prayer and save Parvathy from danger.

Akhila starts doing Adipradarshanam in temple Parvathy is in ICU. Doctor is giving treatment to her. Priest doing pooja and gives vermilion to Akhila. She prays once again for Parvathy and cries thinking about her state. She leaves from there priest stop her and gives the Prasad to her by saying god will definitely fulfill her wishes.

Arun and Aishwarya are waiting g outside of ICU. Adhi reaches back there and checks Parvathy through the glass door. Arun enquires to Adhi where is Akhila? He informs to him she is on the way and stands there while closing his eyes. Vanaja comes there. Uma questions her where did she went? She was searching for her what did she done? Vanaja questions her Is she wanna share everything to her if she don’t stand quiet she will admit Uma also here. Uma shuts her mouth.

Vanaja thinks where is Akhila? Is she went to surrender in police station after killed Nandini? She will only get gain whoever did in it. If Parvathy too die here then her happiness has no bounds. She thinks it will definitely happen. Akhila reaches there Vanaja thinks why is she here? Is she killed Nandini? Akhila enters into the ICU and sits beside Parvathy. Akhila places the vermilion on Parvathy’s forhead. Parvathy starts reacting after Akhila starts talking with her positively.

Akhila asks her to get up soon. She caresses her head lovingly. Vanaja thinks that nothing is going as she expected. Adhi stares his mom emotionally. Uma is keep questioning Vanaja what’s going on here. Vanaja lashes out at her for disturbing her. Vanaja expects to hear Parvathy death news. Nurse brings Doctor inside immediately. Seeing their rush Adhi and Akhila gets nervous. Adhi questions doctor what happened to Parvathy? Doctor informs to him that patient opens her eyes. Nothing to worry about her. Vanaja gets disappointed to hear it. Adhi wishes to meet her.

Doctor gives permission to them to discharge her. Doctor alerts them Parvathy shouldn’t sleep. Adhi questions Parvathy why did she hide this from him? She says to him that she don’t wanna disturb Akhila’s pooja that’s why. Vanaja wishes to contact Nandini to know what happened there? She calls to Nandini. Nandini is reminds the incidents and attends the call. Vanaja questions her what happened? Nandini narrates everything to her. She says that Adhi saved her. Vanaja shares to Nandini that Parvathy too got well. Nandini tells her that she gonna show hell to Akhila. Vanaja thinks that she wanna see both team are destroying.

Episode end.