Sembaruthi 10th June 2021 Written Update: Adhi has a plan

Sembaruthi 10th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nandini questions Raghunath why is he so careless in this matter? She asks him to say what’s happened after that? Raghunath narrates everything to Nandini. Raghunath assures to Nandini that Adhi can’t even take a single step against him in this Bangalore city reasoning this city is under his control. Nandini tells him that she shouldn’t loss this time in front of Akhila. She wanna see Akhila loss her face in this society and damaging her name in front of all. Raghunath assures to her everything will happen as she wished.

Nandini says to him that she has no words to praise him. He tells her that he don’t need praise but money. Nandini informs to him if he finishes his job well she will give him more money then he expected. He asks her to pack the money he will ruin Akhila’s image soon and disconnects the call. Nandini thinks that she will definitely win this time. Ramu waits for Adhi and Parvathy in tension.

Adhi and Parvathy reaches to hotel. Ramu enquires them what happened? Adhi tells to him that Raghunath accepted his crime and teased them there. Ramu questions them doesn’t they teach a lesson to him? Parvathy says that was his office and his henchman to they are helpless to go against him. She narrates whatever happened there. Ramu informs to him let’s finish him. They shouldn’t leave him hereafter. Ramu asks Adhi to call his lawyer and file a case against in him in court.

Adhi alerts him its waste of time he can’t able to face him through law. His dare is clearing showing that he planned everything clearly here. Parvathy says that let him plan anything they didn’t done any mistake then why would they fear about him. Adhi advises to him we wanna do everything on correct time. Raghunath’s office staff comes there to meet Adhi. Ramu alerts Adhi may they will create some problems by sending goons. Ramu opens the door and lies to him Adhi is not there. He stands adamant to meet Adhi there.

Adhi asks Ramu to let him in. Staff introduces himself as Prabhakar. He says to him that he is working in Metha’s office. He may working there but he studied and grown up in Akhila’s foundation money. He feels bad to see Adhi’s state in office. He informs to him that Raghunath is a fraud he is a politician’s money keepers. He only know to do cheating he has all bad habits too. He has political supports that’s why no one can’t touch him. Ramu questions him how will he trust him? Adhi says that he trust him Is he has any weakness? Prabhakar says to him that Metha has one weakness he loves Diamond. He loves to collect all diamonds with his money. Only Swarnapuri diamond didn’t reach to his hand yet. Meanwhile Metha is admiring the Diamond. He thinks that swarnapuri diamond he likes the most but he didn’t get it till. He will get it at any cost. Adhi walks to and forth outside.

Ramu asks Adhi to take any decision. Parvathy says that she has no idea what’s his problem with Akhila. Adhi thinks that they can’t able to walk in right path to win him. They wanna go in wrong path to win him. Adhi says that he has no money in his hand now because they froze their account. He tells them that their name will be damage if they fails to pay the amount. Ramu thinks how will they get 10 crore. Adhi says that Raghunath stoles the money so he gonna steal the amount from him without his knowledge. Adhi shares a plan with them. Prabhakar informs to him that they can’t cheat him because he is expert in diamond field. Adhi says that he gonna take risk in this matter.

Episode end.