Sembaruthi 12th July 2021 Written Update: Raasathi, Iniyan’s Timely help

Sembaruthi 12th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhila’s family reaches to her village. Priest tells her let’s start the pooja after Maragatha lingam ( shivalingam)came. Akhila asks Sundaram to bring the box from car. He brings it to her she takes out the Maragathalingam from it. She gives it to the priest. Ganga questions Akhila which temple is this? She can’t able to find any statue here? Akhila narrates the story behind that tree and faith. She tells her that Akhila’s family planted this tree here.

Baniyan tree is resembling Men and Neem resembling Girl. It’s it’s blossomed it means Akhila’s family got heir. It’s healthy life resembling the happiness in her family. Priest wears the garland to Akhila and do the Parivattam to her. Shiva moves from there without anyone knowledge. He changed the car fresher with poison. Priest continue the same parivattam to Purushothaman. Shiva informs the news to Nandini and tells her that her plan are successful.

Nandini asks him to be careful today is the last day for Akhila. After she died he might bring the Maragathalingam to her. Because of it Akhila family is living well. He might pretends like helping her and stole the Maragathalinkam from her. She wanna see Akhila dying today. Akhila returns the maragathalingam to Sundaram. He places it inside the car. Akhila nods bye to all and leaves from there in car. Another side Iniyan and Raasathi are going in bike. Iniyan questions her why is she looking dull? Iniyan tells her that their car break down so she feels like bad omen. He asks her to nothing to worry everything will happen without problem. Both are enjoying the bike ride.

Akhila tells to her husband all pooja is over she is happy now. Car fresher starts working there. Akhila feels like some bad smells are coming. Sundaram feels like he is getting dizzy. Akhila tells to him that she is feeling head ache. Sundaram starts driving rashly. He lost the control of the car. Purushothanan faints. Raasathi notices the car which is coming behind them have no balance. Raasathi alerts him and follows it. Akhila’s car hit the tree. Raasathi and Iniyan rushes near them. They somehow take Akhila out of the car and sends Purushothaman, Akhila and Sundaram in Ambulance. Iniyan asks Raasathi to lock their car and takes their things first then go to hospital. Raasathi takes all the things from the car and leaves from there. Shiva notices them and doubts who are they? They ruined his plan.

Iniyan and Raasathi are waiting outside of hospital room. She prays that nothing wrong should happen. Manager calls to Raasathi and asks her to register before evening then she can’t able to register again. Iniyan tells her that they can’t able to leave leaving them in this situation. Nurse informs to them that they are alright. Nothing to worry. Iniyan tells her that they wanna leave soon for urgent purpose so give this bag to them after she wake up. Doctor praises them for saving three lives. They leaves from there.

Doctor checks Akhila and others and informs to her that nothing to worry they are alright. Adhi and Arun reaches there and enquires to doctor what happened? Doctor assures to him nothing to worry. Adhi enquires to Sundaram what actually happened? He narrates everything to him. Adhi asks Arun to complaint to police station about it. Adhi leaves to finish the discharge formality.

Iniyan and Raasathi reaches to the place and rushes inside to meet the manager. Manager says to her the timing is over to register. Only registered persons are allowed to attend the meeting. Iniyan tells him that some problem pops up in the middle that’s why they can’t able to reach here on time. He advises them to meet Akhila instead of wasting time here. Iniyan takes Raasathi from there. Raasathi informs to him that she never thought it will end up like this. She wishes to visit temple to change her mind.

Akhila reaches to home. Parvathy enquiring to her what happened? She assures to her she is alright. Vanaja pretends like feeling sad for her and thinks that she didn’t die. Vanaja indirectly badmouthing Parvathy she stops her. Arun brings the Maragathalingam inside. Adhi shares the incident to her. Akhila asks him to check whether Maragathalingam safe inside it or not? Arun checks it and informs to her its missing. She doubts where did it went? Akhila doubts may those people stole it after they find it. Akhila feels disappointed to think about it. Parvathy checks her bag and finds the Maragathalingam in it. Seeing it Akhila feels happy.

Vanaja thinks that Parvathy reacting like CID. Akhila feels guilty for suspecting them. Akhila asks Parvathy to place the Maragathalingam inside the pooja room. Shiva calls to Nandini and informs to her that all plans are ruined. Akhila returned to home safely. Nandini gets irritate to hear it. Iniyan drops Raasathi in temple and leaves to fill petrol in bike. Raasathi buys the flowers and gives money to her. Flower seller asks her to give change. Raasathi tells her that she has no change at all. Parvathy comes there and pays money for her. Raasathi staring her emotionally. Both are talking happily each other and shares their point of view.

Raasathi questions her how will she return the money to her? Parvathy asks her to return it after some day. She tells her that she is news to this place. Parvathy says to her then takes it as her prayer for her. Parvathy narrates to her about the temple. Both starts praying there. Parvathy notices one little child physically challenged one trying to ring the bell. She tries to carry her but she couldn’t Raasathi comes there and carries her along with Paarvathy. Little girl rings the bell happily. Both gets happy to see that kid happiness. She thank them for fulfilling her wish.

Episode end.