Sembaruthi 13th January 2021 Written Update: Guruji’s advice to Akhila

Sembaruthi 13th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhika reaching the wedding venue. Parvathi gives the Thaali to the groom and the couple ties the knot. Akhila looks shocked. Adhi and Parvathi notice Akhila. The bride’s parents runs to Akhila. They apology to Akhila for letting Parvathi gives the Thaali.

Vanaja asks them to stop. Vanaja scolds Parvathi. She blames Parvathi for running Akhilandeshwari’s reputation. The crowd supports Parvathi. They say Parvathi saved Akhilandeshwari’s reputation. They tell Akhila what happened. The croud says Parvathi saved a girl’s life and increased Akhila’s reputation. Adhi whispers to Parvathi that he was right, there’s a Akhila inside her. She tells she’s already scared whta Akhila is going to say. Akhila blesses the couple.

Vanaja brings Adhi and Parvathi’s photo frame. She says she will not let Parvathi and Adhi come back here. She hangs the photo frame on the wall. Aishwarya notices it from upstairs. She thinks last time when Adhi and Parvathi photo frame was hanged on the wall, Adhi and Parvathi left this house. She worries what’s going to happen this time.

Aishwarya hides behind the pillar. Vanaja tells the nurse that Akhila will get angry seeing Adhi and Parvathi photo. Last time there was a big fight over that photo and Adhi left the house. This time she hanged that photo for Arun. The nurse asks what if Akhila got to know she hanged that photo. Vanaja shows her gloves. She then tells how she took Arun’s finger prints from his coffee mug to trap him. The nurse praise her.

Arun and Purushotaman come back home. They get shocked seeing the photo frame. Arun tells his dad that this might be Vanaja’s plan. Arun notices Vanaja. He signs his dad to act. The both prentends to argue. Vanaja enjoys their fight. Just then Akhila comes downstairs speaking without someone in call. Purushotaman signs Arun. He asks him to wait to know Akhila’s reaction. Vanaja is waiting for Akhila to end the call and notice the photo.

Guruji comes there. Guruji says she got saved from a big trouble. Akhila agrees with him. She says her son and Parvathi saved her. Guruji advises Akhila to visit their kuladeivam temple and celebrate the Pongal there. Akhila receives phone from her aunt Sundaravalli. The latter says it has been three years that she have visited their kuladeivam temple. She invites Akhila with her family to the village for this Pongal. Akhila agrees. Purushotaman gets happy. Guruji notices Adhi and Parvathi’s photo on the wall and gets happy. Akhila also notices the photo.

The episode ends.