Sembaruthi 14th January 2021 Written Update: Adhi’s grandmother invites Akhila to the village to celebrate Pongal

Sembaruthi 14th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundaravalli asking Akhila to come with her son to their village to celebrate Pongal. Guruji notices Parvathi and Adhi photo on the wall. He smiles. Akhila follow Guruji’s gaze and notices the photo as well. She does not say anything. She tells Guruji her aunt called her to their village. Guruji asks them to go. He takes their leave.

Vanaja starts her drama. Vanaja tells Arun hanged the photo on the wall. Arun says she’s lying. Vanaja says she has proof that Arun hanged that photo on the wall. She shows a glove. Arun also shows a glove. The both start arguing blaming each other. Akhila shouta stop it. Purushotaman says he will remove the photo. Akhila stops him. She asks not to remove the photo and leaves. All gets happy except Vanaja.

Later Arun tells Vanaja how the finger prints are changed. A FB is shown Aishwarya phones Arun and tells about Vanaja’s plan. Arun gives tells her a plan. Aishwarya wears a glove and touches the things in Vanaja’s room in order to get her finger prints in the glove. FB ends. Shanmugam, Arun and Aishwarya mock Vanaja.

Parvathi tells Adhi that she should have wait for Akhila’s arrival. Adhi tells they had no any other option. She worries what Akhila would’ve thought about her. Just then Purushotaman comes there. He tells Akhila isn’t angry with them else she would’ve showed her anger after returning home.

Then he tells how Vanaja hanged Adhi and Parvathi photo on the wall to trouble them but Arun outsmarted her. Akhila asked not to remove the photo. Parvathi and Adhi gets happy. Purushotaman also mention about Adhi’s grandmother Sundaravalli inviting them to the village. Purushotaman asks why they look sad.

Adhi says he can’t come leaving Parvathi. Purushotaman tells Parvathi is also going to come with them. Parvathi tells when Akhila hasn’t accepted her, how Adhi’s grandmother will accept her. Purushotaman says Adhi’s grandmother isn’t like Akhila.

A lady is shown praying to God. Her face is revealed. She’s Adhi’s grandmother, Sundaravalli. She visits the temple. She sees people from other caste praying standing outside. Sundaravalli tells to the people inside to call those who are standing outside inside else she will leave. She tells all are equal. The people agrees and allow them inside. Sundaravalli prays to God.

Purushotaman tells Akhila has lot of respect on Sundaravalli so they can make Akhila accept Parvathi through Sundaravalli. Parvathi tells if she comes, they have to stay under same roof which Akhila may not like. Purushotaman says Akhila will be sad if Adhi doesn’t come so Adhi should come and she should also come. He hopes their family will get united because of Sundaravalli. Parvathi looks on.

The episode ends