Sembaruthi 14th July 2021 Written Update: Raasathi doubts Shiva

Sembaruthi 14th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhila introduces her family members to Iniyan and Raasathi. Raasathi doubts why didn’t Akhila mentioned Parvathy as her daughter in law. Akhila shares to everyone Raasathi whom saved her life from accident without expecting anything in return. It’s hard to find a person like this in recent days. She not only saved three life but also protected her shivalingam too. Raasathi says its not a big deal. Putushothaman says life is important then anything she saved it simply. Akhila adds that Parvathy whom brought her here or else she failed to meet her. If she don’t meet her then life long she would have regretted for not saying thanks to her. Today she is free from it. She asks them to stay here and take rest. Parvathy takes Iniyan and Raasathi with her to show their room. Vanaja makes faces. Shiva wishes to inform this news to Nandini and calls to her. She attends the call thinking it as important matter. Shiva informs to her that Raasathi and her husband whom saved Akhila from that accident. They are here to take dinner. Akhila whom invited them. Nandini asks him to be careful and dials to Vanaja to alert her.

Vanaja thinks why is she calling her now? She attends the call and enquires about her health. Vanaja complaints to her that Akhila is very lucky that’s why she is escaping from everything. Even she escaped from an big accident. Nandini says to her she planned this all. She was the one fixed poison in Air freshner. Raasathi whom saved her. Vanaja says that they are here as a guest. Akhila brought them here. Nandini asks her to kick them out soon then only they can able to do anything here. Always Parvathy whom disturbance to their plan now Raasathi too joined with her. She assures to Nandini she will kick her out soon and disconnect the call. Vanaja thinks that Nandini said in attitude she will take care of everything alone but she needs her help now.

Parvathy says to Raasathi that she is feeling happy today because Akhila praised her in front of all. May god made her meet in temple for it. Raasathi says god written in head that Akhila wanna help to her village. Adhi and Iniyan says they met for fun right? Parvathy says to her that she has no sister so she would like to mention her as sister. Raasathi gives permission to her. Vanaja eavesdropping their conversation. Adhi says to then that Akhila used to invite many guest to home but never felt this much attachment to anyone here. He feels like they are close to them. Iniyan that he is glad to meet them all. Vanaja thinks she will pack everyone soon from here. All are sitting in dining table. Uma praises the food smell.

Vanaja lashes out at her. Adhi and Parvathy takes Iniyan and Raasathi down. They arranged in their positions. Raasathi smiles to all but Vanaja smirked at her. Akhila and Purushothaman too joins with them. Akhila asks them to sit beside her. Parvathy about to serves to them but Akhila stops her and serves to her. Raasathi notices Parvathy is serving to all instead of eating. She calls her to eat with them but Parvathy refuses to eat. Akhila asks Parvathy to go and sit beside Adhi. Vanaja dislikes it even Ganaga shows disappointment. Rest all feels happy to see it. Ganaga thinks that Raasathi made Parvathy sit equal to her so she won’t leave her.

Akhila enquires to Raasathi and Iniyan about the food? They praises the taste of the food. Arun gives all the credits to Parvathy. Aishwarya and Akhila too appreciates her. Raasathi asks her to teach her the magic too. Parvathy says that she has no magic she is cooking for all whole heart that’s it. Raasathi gets phone call from mom. She leaves to attend the call. Adhi says to Akhila that Iniyan has 1 week work in Chennai he asked them to stay here but they are not listening to her. Akhila asks them to stay in her house till return to their village. Raasathi talks with her mom and narrates everything to her. She I forms to her that she will be back in 1week. Raasathi notices Shiva there and fixing the broken phone. She doubts who is he what’s he doing here? She doubts doesn’t he dump then why did he has phone in his hand?

Raasathi leaves from there. Akhila says to Raasathi that she didn’t expected her to do like this. She might stay in her house till she complete her work in Chennai. She agrees to her. Vanaja thinks Is it a hotel or house? Thru leavss to take rest. Parvathy thank her for agreeing to stay in this house. Adhi and Parvathy leaves from there. Iniyan questions her why is she agreed to stay here what’s the reason? She informs to him that Shiva using mobile he is hiding this from all. She doubts he is hiding something. Kanmani reaches to Chennai to meet Akhila. Security didn’t allowed her to go inside reasoning she has no appointment. She asks him to talk with madam. Security lashes out at her. Village peoples came there and stares the house with open mouth. They demands them to open the gate they wanna see Raasathi that’s why they are here. Security lashes out at them and not opening gate for them. They stands adamant to meet them.

Raasathi and Iniyan comes out and gets surprise to see the village people there. Raasathi and Iniyan are trying to convince them and send them back but they are adamant to see Akhila and appreciates her. Akhila notices the crowd standing there and calls to security guard. He attends the call and talks with her. She enquires to Raaathi what’s the matter? She narrated everything to them. Akhila gives permission to her to allow them inside. Raasathi informs to them the good news. Security opens gate for them. Kanmani and her mom sneaked in using this situation. Security stops them and enquires them? Raasathi and Iniyan approach them.

Episode end.