Sembaruthi 14th October 2020 Written Update: Akhila asks Arun to join their company

Sembaruthi 14th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhila stopping the man from polishing the chain. She asks who asked to polish the jewels. Purushotaman says he had asked. Akhila says these were her family jewelry that her ancestors wore. She asks if he wants to remove their imprints from the jewels by polishing it. She asks Aishwarya to take back the chain and orders the man to leave the house. Akhila asks Aishwarya to wear the jewels. Aishwarya nods and goes upstairs to get ready for puja.

After a while she comes downstairs wearing the jewels. Aishwarya starts doing the puja to their ancestors while in the temple Parvathi also starts doing the puja. Both Aishwarya and Parvathi performs the puja simultaneously.

A boy sent by Nandhini comes to the temple. Nandhini calls him and asks him to take photos of Parvathi performing the puja. The man do as Nandhini told. He takes Parvathi’s photos in different angles. A woman notices the boy taking pictures and questions what he is doing. The man says he is taking pictures of the temple.

The woman asks him to show the pictures. Few people gathers there. When the man refuses to show the pictures, the priest and an old man beat him and snatch his phone. They open the lock and check the gallery. They find Parvathi’s photo. They beat the boy saying he is taking women photos in the temple. They delete those photos and throw him out of the temple. The boy calls nothing and apologizes that he couldn’t complete the work. Nandhini shouts in frustration.

Both Parvathi, Aishwarya shows deeparathanai to the ancestors and complete the puja. Parvathi asks their ancestors to accept the puja that she has did in the temple and give Akhila inner peace. Otherside Aishwarya prays that Parvathi should have completed the puja successfully.

Later Purushotaman tells Arun that Akhila is waiting for Gajendiren and asks him to call and check where he is. Arun does so. Gajendiran says he is on the way. Akhila comes downstairs and asks about Gajendiren. Arun says he is on the way. Gajendiren arrives and gives some documents to Akhila who checks them and questions why their company’s shared values are dropped. She gives the files to Purushotaman and asks him to read too.

Akhila says Vanaja being in jail could be a reason for their company’s shares value dropping, but that’s not a big issue and it could be easily managed. She further says she spotted that their production, marketing and sales are weak and asks why. Gajendiren apologizes and says the management is the reason. He says before Adhi was there to handle the issues, solve the problems and guide the different sections. When she was hospitalized, no one was there to guide them. Akhila stops Gajendiren showing her hands. She looks towards Arun and asks him to go to office from today and supervise everything.

Arun says he can’t handle such big responsibilities like Adhi. Akhila says she knows that asks him to handle the company till she rejoins it. Arun says he won’t be able to handle all this. Akhila asks him to grow up and take his responsibilities. She tells Gajendiren to talk directly to Arun regarding the office matters. Gajendiren agrees and takes leave. The nurse, sent by Nandhini, overhears everything and goes to inform Nandhini.

Otherside Adhi’s friend, Ram makes arrangements to watch movies on Terrance using a white screen and the projector. Adhi and Parvathi come there and pulls his leg. Perumal Janu sees the arrangement and tell it recalls their childhood memories. Ram tells Adhi asked to do these arrangements to take them to their childhood memories.

The episode ends.