Sembaruthi 15th April 2021 Written Update: Nandini manipulates Rajeshwari.

Sembaruthi 15th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Inspector says to Akhila that those who fighting against wrong things is real man. He is real man. Not only this he know to appologize for his mistakes too. He appologizes to Akhila for his inconveniences. She says to him it’ ok in sarcastic way. Inspector says to her that first time his calculation went wrong. He thank Adhi for helping him. They leaves from police station. Inspector asks his assisstant to bring coffee for him. After drinking that he wants to teach a lesson to those culprits. Rajeshwari questions Mahesh how dare he try to do register marriage? Mahesh says to her that he loves Bhavani a lot! Rajeshwari questions him Doesn’t her permission, happiness and prestige matter to him? Mahesh explains to her that prestige won’t give a happy life to him. He asks her to understand his feelings. She complaints that he won’t listen her but he wishes to see her listening to him. Mahesh says to Rajeshwari that he loves Bhavani. He can’t able to marry Varsha and lead a happy life with her. She is trying to spoil both of their life! Rajeshwari says to him that he is adamant not to listen her words. He tries to explain his side to her but she locked him inside the room.

Rajeshwari informs to him that she won’t allow him to go out, till his engagement is over. How dare he try to do the register marriage without her knowledge? Mahesh says to her that he is her son, so don’t treat him in this way. She complaints that he is her only son but he is not listening to her words! She says to him clearly that she can’t able to release him from this room. She adds that he is a family criminal. He is not all listening to her and behaving in his own. Her family prestige is important to her. She asks her henchmans to take care of him. She asks Rathinavelu to give food to him on time but don’t allow him to go out. Rathinavelu alerts his henchmans.

Nandini reaches to Rajeshwari house. She doubts that why did many goons are standing in Rajeshwari house? She greets her. Nandini questions her why is she sitting silently instead of welcoming her? She informs to her as nothing. Nandini tries to get the truth from her. She says to her that she was thinking about something else. She asks to her what would she like to have? Nandini asks her to give something chill. Rajeshwari informs to her that she got promise from Akhila on her family sword. Nandini assures to her that everything will go smoothly then. Mahesh pleads with Rajeshwari to release him. Nandini understands that she house arrest her son. Nandini asks her to share everything to her. Rajeshwari thank her for giving idea on correct time. So she narrates everything to her. Nandini praises her presence of mind. Akhila comes there. Nandini doubts why is she coming here?

Rajeshwari says to Nandini that Akhila didn’t inform to her about her visit. Nandini moves to hide from Akhila’s sight. Rajeshwari takes Akhila inside. She fears that Mahesh will create any problems. It will reach to Akhila then. Akhila questions her why is she so tensed? She finds that something is bothering her. Mahesh starts to knock the door. Rajeshwari gets irritate to hear it. Akhila questions Rajeshwari why did she locked her son inside? Akhila advises to Rajeshwari how to treat her son. She explains to her that she can’t able to win anything in her anger. But she can able to change him through her love. Akhila leaves from there after boosting her mood. Nandini comes outside and stops Rajeshwari from releasing Mahesh. Nandini alerts her that Mahesh will ruin everything if she release him. If she listens to Akhila then Mahesh will marry that Bhavani. Mahesh evesdrops everything. Raji agrees with Nandini. She calls to Akhila and thank her for advising her. Raji informs to Akhila that she is going to perform Mahesh’s engagement tomorrow.

Episode end.