Sembaruthi 15th July 2021 Written Update: Vanaja joins hands with Kanmani

Sembaruthi 15th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Raasathi informs to village people about the good news. Security opens gate for them. Kanmani and her mom sneaked in using this situation. Security stops them and enquires them? Raasathi and Iniyan approach them. Kanmani lies to her she was the one brought everyone here. They enters inside and surprise to see the big house. Village people thank Akhila for helping their village and wishes to show their gratitude to her. They gives the parivattam to her and asks the dancers to give a performance to her.

Village peoples are performing Infront of Akhila family. Uma says to Vanaja that she would like to dance with them too. Vanaja asks her to stay quiet. After the show they asks the dancers and music team from there. Raasathi thinks that she fails to inform about Parvathy to her. Raasathi introduces Parvathy as Akhila’s first daughter in law. She is the reason behind this all. She is a very good person by her heart like Akhila. They thank Parvathy for helping their village. Parvathy just smiles back to them. Village peoples wishes to leave from there but Akhila stops them and asks them stay back and eat food first. After that they can leave happily reasoning hereafter its her village. Raasathi introduces Kanmani to Akhila and says she is eldest daughter in law in her house. Akhila greets her.

Kanmani says to her that she studied master degree. She stood against Raasathi in chairman election. She gave up for Maragatham. She lost in front of Raasathi for 500 votes difference. If she stands against her then she would have win as chairman. May she is not equal to her but she is also rich in her village. She self praise her. Akhila just nods. Kanmani’s mom introduces herself to her. Akhila asks everyone to go and take their food. Arun and Singaram taking everyone to give food. All peoples are sitting there and talking there.

Vanaja notices Kanmani and her mom are standing alone. Kanmani says to her mom that she wanna do something against that Raasathi and stop her from getting that 10 Crore.

Vanaja says that she don’t like Raasathi at all. She wanna kick her out soon. She wishes to kick her out that’s her aim. Kanmani and her mom joins her hands with her against Raasathi. Vanaja asks them to stay with her till they go back. Village people are waiting to use bathroom near Vanaja’s room. They gets surprise to see the big room and checking the things inside it. They are jumping in bed and messing there. Singaram has tough time to control her. Vanaja takes Kanmani and her mom to her room and says to them they wanna stay with her. Vanaja gets angry to see the village people are creating mess in her room. She asks them to go out but they stands adamant to stay in that room. Uma asks them to leave but they didn’t listen to her. Raasathi comes there and convinces them and takes them out. Vanaja gets relief and asks them servant to clean that room. Kanmani’s mom asks her to buy a bed like this in her room.

Village people says to Raasathi food was very tasty. Still that food smell didn’t left from his hands. They wishes to leave from there. One grandma notices the mushroom there and alerts Raasathi it’s poison mushroom it should not grow in house. She asks her to throw it out. Raasathi asks the garden maintaining person to remove it. He follows her word. Parvathy informs to Akhila all are outside. They enters inside and says to her that they ate well. Not only she helped her but also she gave food to them. They blessed her. They asks Akhila to visit their village one day they wanna celebrate it. Grandma stands there hesitating she wishes to convey something to Akhila. Raasathi calls her to go with her but she wishes to talk with Akhila.

Grandma says to Akhila that she saw poisoned mushroom outside. She asked Raasathi to throw it out. If it grown in house it means that house head gonna affect. She alerts her and leaves. Akhila keeps thinking about her words deeply. Village peoples enters into the vehicle and leaves from there. At night thundering and lighting there. Akhila’s family temple tree caught fire. Akhila gets up from her bed and starts walking to and forth there. She lost her sleep. Akhila reaches to temple and gets shock to see the neem tree Is burning in fire. Guruji alerts her that he warned her many times. But she didn’t listen to him.

Episode end.