Sembaruthi 15th March 2021 Written Update: Adhi-Parvathi participate in a competition

Sembaruthi 15th March 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhila singing the song. She gets a standing ovation from the guests when she completes the song. The host says that she gave a musical treat to everyone and proved she’s a talented singer along with a successful businesswoman. Everyone appreciates Akhila including her family members. Akhila looks towards Parvathi expecting that she will say something, but Parvathi stands in her place with hesitation. Adhi notices this. Purushotaman takes Akhila to their place while Adhi goes to Parvathi.

The host announces that there will be a competition to find the best couple in the function and Akhila will announce the winner and will honor them. He calls the couples, who are intrested to participate, come to the stage. He calls Arun and Aishwarya as well. The host also invites Adhi and Parvathi, but they hesitate and waits for Akhila’s approval. They agree when Akhila signs them to go. Adhi helds Parvathi’s hand and takes to the stage. Vanaja thinks to plot against Parvathi and goes to talk to Akhila.

She instigates Akhila against Parvathi She says that Parvathi is participating in this competition to put her down. Aishwarya should win in this competition to save her prestige, but it won’t happen, because Arun and Aishwarya will let Adhi and Parvathi win in this competition, if she doesn’t do something, there will no difference between Aishwarya that Akhila had chosen and Parvathi.

Akhila goes to the stage. The host asks her to say few words. Akhila wishes the couple luck and says that they must play the games with honesty and put their full efforts. Vanaja comes to Arun and Aishwarya. She provokes them. She says that it’s better they leave the competition now itself, since they will compromise and let Parvathi win the competition. Arun and Aishwarya say with determination that they will win this competition. Vanaja says if they have a little bit of self respect in them, they would win this competition.

The host asks the couples to keep in mind Akhila’s advice and play the game well. He starts explaining the rules and regulations of the games. Parvathi takes aside and says that they shouldn’t participate in this competition. Adhi asks her what happened all of a sudden. Parvathi says that Akhila said that they should play honestly without compromising for anyone, Akhila may misunderstand, if they will win.

Adhi assures her that nothing like that will happen. He asks him Parvathi to play thinking that they should win and also if they withdraw from the competition, it will be like they compromise for Arun which will be against Akhila’s words. He asks her to focus on the game. She nods. He takes her back to the stage.

The episode ends.