Sembaruthi 16th January 2021 Written Update: Adhi and Parvathi meet Sundaravalli

Sembaruthi 16th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vanaja slapping Singaravellan for calling her by her name. She scolds him and asks to give her the same respect that he gives to Akhila and Sundaravalli. Singaravellan asks her to shift another room as a guest will come to stay here. Vanaja refuses to vacate the room. Arun and Vadivel scolds him in funny away for not being able to get that room. They tell him they want that room for Adhi and Parvathi. Singaravellan tells them a plan.

Vanaja is irritated, as there’s no signal in her mobile. Singaravellan brings milk for Vanaja. He saya he will avenge the slap. He gives her milk and also a sleeping pill. He says she can have a peaceful sleep only if she takes sleeping pill. Vanaja asks if he’s playing any trick on her so that she will vacate the room.

Singaravellan denies. He says there are ghosts in this room. Vanaja laughs. Singaravellan says he’s saying the truth. Vanaja starts getting scared. Just then Vadivel gives some ghost effects. Vanaja gets scared and runs out of the room taking her back. Singaravellan and Vadivel happily give hifi that they succeeded in their plan.

Purushotaman, Vadivel and Singaravellan are waiting for Adhi and Parvathi standing outside the house. Adhi and Parvathi arrive. They welcome them. Adhi tells Parvathi that he was grouwn up in this house and feels sad that he has to enter this house without his mom and his grandmother’s knowledge.

Purushottam tells the circumstances are like that. He further tells he has full confidence that they will happily leave this house as one family. Adhi and Parvathi look uncertain. Purushottam and Vadivel say Sundaravalli will change Akhila’s heart. They take Adhi and Parvathi from the backside of the house.

They get stunned on seeing Sundaravalli. Parvathi looks scared. Sundaravalli asks Adhi why he’s coming from backside. She then asks who she is looking at Paravthi. Adhi says she’s his wife. Sundaravalli is surprised. She asks when he got married. Vadivel tells Adhi married Parvathi going against Akhila. He further tells Parvathi is the daughter of their driver Sundaram.

Sundaravalli gets happy hearing the same. She tells Adhi found a perfect match for him and she likes Parvathi. She tells Akhila mustn’t have told her about their marriage as she’s against it. Purushotaman asks her help to make Akhila accept her. Sundaravalli tells she will unite them in two weeks. Sundaravalli asks why Akhila doesn’t like Parvathi. Purushotaman and Vadivel says Akhila likes Parvathi.

Sundaravalli gets confused. She asks them to explain. Purushottam tells her about what happened. Sundaravalli says Akhila loves Parvathi at the same time she’s angry with her as she thinks Parvathi betrayed her. Sundaravalli promises them that they unite Akhila and Parvathi.

The episode ends.