Sembaruthi 16th July 2021 Written Update: Akhila’s extreme decision

Sembaruthi 16th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Guruji informs to Akhila that he already warned her many times but she didn’t listen to his words. How many times her ancestors will forgive her their patience has limits too. He tells her that many times her actions and decision made him surprised his time she took correct decision too. They are thinking all decision are taking by them but it’s not the truth. Begining and end is in God hand. He is deciding all. Raasathi is checking her phone. Iniyan comes there and gifts her something. She opens it and finds chudithar in it. She questions him why did he brought this now? He tells her that she said she feels shy to wear chudithar in village but she can wear it in Chennai.

Raasathi blushes to hear it. Iniyan asks her to wear it Parvathy comes there and learns from him what’s going on there. Parvathy assures to Iniyan that she will help her to change it till then wait. He sits there but she sends him outside. Iniyan goes outside. Raasathi refuses to wear it but Parvathy stands adamant in her decision. After few minutes Parvathy takes Raasathi down after make over her. Iniyan admires her beauty. Raasathi blushes seeing him. Iniyan teases her. Parvathy too joins with him and compares her with Kushpoo. Vanaja and Uma comes there and doubts who is this new? Doesn’t she look like Raasathi? May she brought her sister also thinking food is good here.

Uma gets surprise to see Raasathi. She thinks that she is looking beautiful in it. Vanaja says that two days she ate Akhila’s food she changed like this. Raasathi demands Parvathy to wear the chudithar too. Parvathy deny it reasoning she never weared it yet. Iniyan and Raasathi are teasing her. Parvathy dashes with Akhila mistakenly. Vanaja gets happy to see it. She thinks that Akhila will take care of her hereafter. Akhila questions Parvathy Is it play ground to play like this? She sits there sadly. Purushothaman questions her when did she came? She asks him to call everyone to hall. Purushothoman calls Vanaja there and invites all to come there. Aishwarya and Ganga comes there.

Akhila asks Purushothaman to call Adhi and Arun immediately she don’t care about the Lose. If it is a crore meeting also she don’t mind. Purushothaman calls to Adhi and informs to him about it. After that he calls to Arun. Purushothaman demands her to say the matter she is adamant to share it with all after everyone come.

Akhila is sitting in pooja room. Adhi and Arun reaches to there. They enquires to him why did he called them to come here immediately. Purushothaman tells them that mom asked them to come here he has no idea what’s going on. Akhila comes there everyone notices her. She says to them may all are douting why did she called everyone here? She took an important decision in her life. This is the last important decision in her life. She questions Adhi will he agree to get decision? He tells her that he will definitely agree to her. Akhila says that she knew it he won’t go against her. Arun tells her she don’t need to ask him. Akhila informs to them that she decided to give all her responsibility to the next generation of her. Purushothaman questions her why did she take this decision now? Akhila says it’s important here. Akhila adds that they may thinking she will handover all responsibility to Adhi and Arun but it won’t happen. She gonna give all responsibility to a woman. Everyone in this house wanna support that woman. She questions them Is they agreeing to it?

Purushothaman complaints to her that she didn’t discuss with him about it then why is she asking him to give his answer now. She demands him to say his answer. Purushothaman shows his disinterest in it after him Arun and Adhi says the same. Akhila gets up and questions them why are they deny to it Is she took wrong decision? She demands them to give a reason. Purushothaman says to her that Aishwarya educated person she is running hotel business. If she gives responsibility to her then she will manage the business but only Parvathy can able to save this family from separating. Arun too repeats the same.

Parvathy says to her that all are supporting her in the love of her she is not a competition to Aishwarya at all. She has a question to her why did she came to this decision? Akhila says this is Parvathy only she questioned her correctly. Akhila tells her that she will say the answer lately. She gonna conduct an interview to both and select one. Vanaja says to her that she wanna come to this position after her. If she give that responsibility to her then she don’t wanna confuse between Parvathy and Aishwarya. Akhila asks her to join in it too. If she win then she can able to take the responsibility.

Akhila reaches to room her husband question her Is she angry on him? She deny it. He says to her that their kids went against her today because of him. Akhila thank him and apologies to him everything. He tells her that he is surprised to see her new change. Akhila opens with him. Parvathy shares to Adhi that she don’t wanna participate in it. Adhi tells her he didn’t expect it from her. Parvathy says to him that she doubts Akhila is not at all happy with it. She wanna find out the reason behind her decision. Adhi is trying to convince her but Parvathy is adamant in her decision. Adhi tells her she won’t change her decision it’s the good opportunity to her to prove herself. Adhi asks her to take good decision. If she has doubt then she can ask to god also.

Raasathi and Iniyan comes there. Adhi narrates the incident to Raasathi. Iniyan asks her to go according to her faith. Parvathy tells her she has no interest to do it. She has no qualification to stand equal to her. Raasathi shares her experience with her. Raasathi advises to her and asks her to give up her inferiority complex. Parvathy listens to them and wishes to see what’s god answering to her. She placed ganesh at centre. She starts draw circle around it while closing her eyes. She stops in a middle. Parvathy decides to back off from her decision.

Episode end.