Sembaruthi 16th June 2021 Written Update: Metha reaches the auction place

Sembaruthi 16th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Adhi confirms with Arun everything going well in auction hall. Arun asks Ramu and team to get ready soon. He arranges food in backyard. Arun asks him to cheer them up to act well and leaves. Parvathy is thinking about the incident Adhi comes there talking to someone in phone and disconnects the call seeing Parvathy. He asks her to get ready but Parvathy shares to him that she is scared of something will go wrong. Adhi assures to her everything will be solve today nothing to worry.

Parvathy says to him only one day left to pay the amount in income tax office. Adhi questions her doesn’t she trust him? Parvathy says that she trust him a lot but she fears what if small mistakes come and they fail to pay the amount then Akhila wanna go to court. Adhi assures to her nothing will goes wrong here. Parvathy leaves to get ready. Junior artists areanged in their place. Ramu praises his own look and waits for them. Arun and Aishwarya comes there wearing king and queen get up. Ramu praises their look and compares to real king and Queen.

Arun enquires to him where is Adhi and Patvathy? They comes there and praises Arun and Aishwarya! Ramu questions Adhi what’s his role in it? Adhi clearly confused them. Ramu asks them to give entry one by one. Ramu praises everyone’s look. He enquires them Do they remember their dialogue? They nods to him. Ramu brings the Real Swarnapuri diamond to the table. Ramu is giving training to them. Aishwarya and Arun reaches to the stage Ramu welcomes them proudly. They greets all and sits there Arun asks him to don’t ruin anything.

Ramu asks him to sit cross legged. Arun questions Ramu will Metha come here? He informs to him that Prabhakar already said he left from there. Just then Metha reaches to the auction place. Ramu alerts them that Metha reached there. Arun and Aishwarya notices him. Ramu welcomes him some people gets up and greets him. Metha notices Arun and Aishwarya there. Arun questions him why didn’t Adhi come yet? He says to him that he will come after Metha came.

Metha asks Ramu to start the auction. Ramu tells him one important person wanna reach there. He is on the way. Seeing Adhi Ramu welcomes him. All persons greets him. Metha questions him why is he here instead of saving his reputation tomorrow in the income tax office. Adhi tells him how much his reputation important to him like that swarnapuri diamond important to him so he won’t allow him to buy it. Metha says let’s see it. Ramu starts the auction and informs to all just take a look at the necklace first. If anyone has doubt on the necklace they can check it personally.

Metha goes to check it clearly. Adhi notices him. Metha checks the diamond and reminds his friend word about the swarnapuri diamond. He uses some tricks to find whether it is real or not? Metha thank him and leaves from there. Ramu questions him Is he cleared his doubt? He nods to him. Ramu starts the auction. They starts to raise the auction amount. Metha rises it to 5crore. Adhi raises to 7 crore Metha rises it to 9 crore.

Episode end.