Sembaruthi 17th April 2021 Written Update: Adhi and Parvathy disguised as Village people

Sembaruthi 17th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Bavani says to Adhi and Parvathy that she won’t be alive if Mahesh’s engagement is over! Parvathy assures to her that Adhi will stop this engagement at any cost! She consoles her. Bhavani is stands adamant in her decision. Parvathy alerts him that already Bhavani drank poison for Mahesh. Adhi says to her that he is also thinking about it. Arun and Aishwarya notices Bhavani coming there.

Aishwarya questions her Is she here to see Pattamma? She nods and runs from there reasoning she is getting late. Adhi and Parvathy disguises like Village people head and his wife. They are going in Horse chariot. Adhi asks Singaram to close the umbrella! They stops the chariot in front of Raaji’s house. Goons notices them and orders them to leave from there. They are not allowed to stop the horse chariot there. Singaram is praising about Adhi and Parvathy in front of goons. He alerts them that they will be in danger if they stops them. He will stop Mahesh’s marriage. Goons gets shock to hear it.

Parvathy says to him that he is always right. Singaram thinks that this idea is working out. Parvathy questions Adhi Is he find out the truth? He assures to her that he will take care of it. Goons thinks that Raaji will scold them if anything goes wrong here. They allows them to go inside. Adhi and Parenting enters inside the house. Rathinam comes there and staring them in doubt. Parvathy says to him that he may find out their identity? Adhi tries to divert them by saying his house is smaller then their cows hut house. Parvathy says to him that he is right. Singaram too agrees with them. Rathnam questions them who are they?

Singaram says to Rathnam that Both Adhi and Parvathy are famous people in Village. He is Village Head. Rathnam says to them that he doesn’t care about them. They are not supposed to come here! He asks them to leave from there. Adhi pretends like angry on him for insulting them. Parvathy pretends like convincing him. She says to him calm down we can make him understand who are they? Parvathy asks Singaram to share about them. Singaram says to Rathnam that Adhi and Parvathy are Nattamai family. They are very close relation of bride family. They are here to meet Mahesh. Rathnam refuses to accept their request.

Adhi again gets angry on him. Parvathy asks him to calm down. She says to him clearly that they can able to stop this marriage if they treats them in this way. Rathnam has no idea what to do? He informs to him that he can’t allow them to meet Mahesh without Raaji permission. Parvathy informs to him that they are here to gift the dhothi and shirt to Mahesh. He might wear it on engagement day. Rathnam takes them near Mahesh. They wishes to talk with him private. Rathnam didn’t allow it. They gives that dress to him and leaves from there without sharing anything to him.

Parvathy says to Adhi that their attempt failed. They can’t able to share the matter to him. Rathnam is sticked with him always. Singaram praises their get up, reasoning they failed to find out their real identity. They agrees with him.

Aishwarya gets ready to attend the function. She asks to Arun how is she looking in that dress? Arun lost in his thoughts. He shares to her that he can’t able to see that mom only taking them to attend the function leaving Adhi and Parvathy. Aishwarya says to him that Akhila asks Parvathy to take rest well. Arun doubts her intention. Aishwarya clears with him that Akhila really worried about Parvathy. She can able to see her care on Parvathy in recent time. Hope she will accept her soon as daughter in law of this house.

Episode end.