Sembaruthi 17th July 2021 Written Update: Parvathy gives a Nod

Sembaruthi 17th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ganga asks Aishwarya to participate in competition tomorrow. She says to Ganga that she didn’t take any decision in it yet. Ganga tells her that she is educated one only she has all talent next to Akhila in this house. Aishwarya tells her that Parvathy is the eldest daughter in law of this house she sacrificed many things for this family. Only she has the rights to become next Akhila. Ganga asks her to stop taking nonsense. Akhila has some other plan that’s why she is conducting this competition. All are supporting that Parvathy but Aishwarya is on Akhila’s mind. She will be next Akhilandeswari in this house. Arun enters Inside the room and tells her she shouldn’t participate in it.

Ganga questions him why shouldn’t she participate in it doesn’t she has qualification? Arun tells her that he is not meaning it. If she participate in it means she is opposing Adhi. Ganga provokes him by saying don’t look down on her daughter for his brother and sister in law. Arun asks her to stop poking her head in his family matters. Aishwarya tells her that even she don’t have Interest to participate in it. Ganga lashes out at her and go out. Adhi comes there and questions her what’s bothering her? She complaints to him that she has no respect in this house. All plans are ruined. Adhi enters into Arun’s room and enquires them what’s going on? Arun narrates to him that he asked Aishwarya to don’t participate in it. Adhi tells her that Parvathy is adamant not to participate in it. Adhi says to her that if both didn’t participate then Vanaja will win it.

Parvathy and Raasathi comes there. Arun asks Aishwarya to join in it. Aishwarya tells him that only Parvathy deserved to participate in it. Parvathy and Arun makes her agree to it. Raasathi feels bad for Parvathy. Parvathy is doing Pooja in prayer room. She says to god that she had no idea why did Akhila took this decision? She don’t have interest to participate in this competition. She is happy for Aishwarya. Light blew off by the air. Parvathy takes it as bad omen. She lighten it again but it blow off again. She feels something is wrong. She doubts Is god dislike Aishwarya participating in it or Akhila’s decision is wrong? She fears something bad gonna happen.

Parvathy comes to meet Guruji. She tells him that she is so confused now please clear her mind. Akhila took important decision now. She narrates everything to him. She adds that she can’t able to come to Akhila’s position. She shares to him what’s running on her mind? Is Aishwarya wrong or Akhila? She asks him to say the reason why did Akhila took this decision. He tells her that she took the wrong decision by giving up her rights to Aishwarya. According to their family tradition eldest daughter in law must rule that family. She says to him that she don’t have enough quality to rule that house. He alerts her that she might take the responsibility or else her family will face tough situation. She demands him to say the truth to her till then she won’t leave.

Everyone waiting for Akhila there. Vanaja thinks what competition she gonna take place here? Just then Akhila and Purushothaman reaches there. Akhila looks around and searches for Parvathy when she can’t able to find her she enquires them about her. Aishwarya tells her she went to temple. Akhila complaints that she asked her to participate in it then why did she went out? She needs her decision too. Vanaja provokes her against Parvathy by saying she is adamant not to listen her words. Akhila asks her to calm down and asks Adhi to call Parvathy and asks her to return home soon. He calls to her Parvathy stares Guruji hesitately.

Adhi shares to Arun that she is not attending the call. She attends the call he informs to her that Akhila is waiting for her in hall. She assures to him that she will be back soon. Guruji asks Parvathy to participate in competition. She demands him to say the reason. He narrates to her what’s the reason. He tells her she wanna take this responsibility or else Akhila’s life will be in danger. If some other came to this position then her family will lost their name. Parvathy leaves from there.

Parvathy reaches to there and apologies to Akhila for being late. Vanaja lashes out at her. Parvathy tells her she didn’t time passed out she got clarity outside. She is ready to participate in it. Vanaja and Aishwarya gets shock to hear it. Vanaja questions her what’s she thinking in her mind? She is changing her mind often she is not allowed to participate in it reasoning she made Akhila wait for her. She is provoking Akhila against Parvathy. Purushothaman asks her to shut her mouth. Akhila know well about everything she don’t need to take class to her. He supports Parvathy. She apologies to her and pleads her to accept her. Akhila says to them that punctuality is important to come to her position. Doesn’t she oppose to her decision yesterday then why did she agree to participate today. She can’t able to change her decision often if she do it then both has no difference at all. She is also participating in it.

Akhila advises Parvathy to be careful hereafter. She shouldn’t do silly mistakes again. Everyone leaves from there. Aishwarya gets disappointed with Parvathy and lashes out at her for changing her mind. She misunderstanding her intention. Parvathy clears to her that she is adamant to participate in it but she has no option left then this. Aishwarya mentions her as greedy one. She insults Parvathy and leaves from there. Raasathi consoles Parvathy. Raasathi enters into Aishwarya room and starts a conversation with her.

Ganga comes there and questions her Is she came here for Parvathy? Is she send her here? Raasathi deny it. She supports Parvathy by saying she has no intention to support her she is just saying the fact. Raasathi tells her both are equal. Ganga asks her to ask Parvathy to back off. Aishwarya gets angry and mentions Parvathy and Raasathi as beggars. Parvathy comes there and tells her that she is talking non sense. Aishwarya again mentions her as beggar. Vanaja gets happy to see them fighting. Ganga provokes Aishwarya against Parvathy.

Episode end.