Sembaruthi 17th June 2021 Written Update: Adhi’s smart move

Sembaruthi 17th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Ramu starts the diamond auction. Starting amount announces as 1crore. People’s are bidding the amount. Metha says 5 crore. Adhi raises it to 7crores, Metha raises it to 9crores. Ramu asks them to mention the amount before he fixing the deal. Adhi raises it to 10crore. Metha gets angry to hear it he raises it up to 12crore. Adhi signals to Arun he nods with him. Ramu questions them Is this amount the last one? Everyone claps for Metha. Ramu asks him to finishes the formalities first then he will handover the diamond to his hand.

Metha signed in the agreement and gives a cheque to him. Adhi alerts Parvathy. Metha gives the amount and cheque to Arun. Metha questions Adhi why is he still sitting here even after the auction are over. Ramu is checking the amount. Metha says because of him he ended up giving 12 crore to them. 2crore loss to him its not a big deal. Today he won it because he tried hard to stop him getting the diamond. Tomorrow he will insult Akhila in front of all in court. She gonna loss her face in this society.

Ramu removes the safety glass and gives the diamond necklace to Metha. Metha kisses on it then shows it to Adhi. He says to him he listed to him today he will definitely loss tomorrow also. Parvathy informs to him that Metha is leaving with their traditional diamond necklace. Adhi assures to her it will never go anywhere. It will return to their hand soon. Adhi and Parvathy goes near Arun. Ramu asks the junior artist to clear the space after collecting the amount. Metha shares to his assistant proudly he is so happy after collect the diamond necklace in front of Adhi. He says that Adhi smiled at the end to cover up his loss. His assistant says none can able to win against him. Metha gives the brief case for security check. He says not only today tomorrow also he will win. Police are waiting out side. Metha thinks why did police are waiting outside?

Assistant says to him may they are waiting for him to take interview because he brought the diamond necklace. It’s a rare collections right? Metha greets the police but he informs to him that he is here to arrest him reasoning he is hiding politician’s black money and helping them to turns it white. More then this they got the complaint against him for creating a fake trust against Akhila and cheated 10crores. Metha says someone gave wrong information to him by saying he about to call his lawyer. Police stops him and collects the brief case from his hand. He gets shock to see the illegal documents in it. Adhi already informed to police about it.

Police checks the documents. Metha confirms with his assistant whether diamond was inside the brief case when he stands beside Adhi. He assures to him its was there. Adhi changed the brief case while security check time. Police caughted Metha red handed with all proof. Media takes the photo of him. Metha glares Adhi and thinks he will never leave him. Adhi family are celebrating their victory. Staff returns the diamond necklace to him. Parvathy feels happy to see it. Adhi asks him to place it back to it place. He says he collected fine for his mistakes. Adhi questions them what to do with that money? Parvathy asks them to spend this money for physically challenged kids.

Episode end.