Sembaruthi 18th May 2021 Written Update: Adhi gets a hint from Inspector

Sembaruthi 18th May 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vanaja says to Akhila that priest is mentioning about Varsha and Mahesh engagement. Already his engagement stopped twice. This time its going to happen in this house so he will do the pooja here and take away the dhrishti! Vanaja questions Akhila will she allow him to do it? Ganga says to Akhila she is feeling it’s good to do pooja in this house. Adhi and Parvathy comes there.

Akhila shares him and agrees to do the pooja. Vanaja assures to her she will take care of everything. Vanaja says to Parvathy that its her duty to arrange this pooja perfectly. Because she has faith in pooja and god a lot. Akhila gives permission to her. Parvathy agrees to do it all. She listens to priest how to arrange it all.

Priest arranges everything for pooja. Ganga alerts Vanaja to do anything. Vanaja signals the fraud priest to do as she said. He nods to her. He pretends like doing pooja to god. Akhila, Parvathy and Adhi starts to pray whole closing their eyes. Vanaja signals the priest to do it soon. He takes pooja kalasam and asks Akhila to splash this sacred water all over the house. If she do it then all drishti will leave from this house. Akhila asks Parvathy to splash the water all over the house. She nods and collects it from him. Vanaja says priest he must ask Akhila to do it. Priest shares to her as like she said. Vanaja says to Akhila she got dhrishti so she wants to splash it. Ganga too supports her. Akhila agrees to do it.

Akhila starts to splash water in all room. Adhi and Parvathy stands quietly there. Vanaja and Ganga are watching Akhila kneely. Bhavani is hiding inside the store room. Vanaja says to Ganga that Akhila is going to splash water in store room and gonna see Bhavani there. Everything gonna happen as they expected. Bhavani hears someone entering into store room and checks who is it? She notices Akhila there and hides well. Bhavani hands hits the things which stores in store room and it’s fall down.

Akhila asks what’s the sound there? Bhavani face palm herself. Akhila finds the things and complaints that all waste are here. First she wants to ask the servant to clean the store room. Vanaja doubts why is she coming alone? Its seems she didn’t notice her. Akhila asks Parvathy to throw the water out. Vanaja questions Akhila Is she splashed water on store room well? She says to them she splashed well there comparing to other rooms. Priest says to Akhila that pooja is over.

Ganga scolds Priest so he leaves from there. Vanaja assures to Ganga she will makes Akhila meet Bhavani tomorrow. Adhi doubts where did Bhavani went? Inspector calls to Adhi and informs to him that he got a news about Bhavani. He informs to him that Bhavani phone turned switched off near by his house. Adhi thank him and disconnect the call. Adhi doubts how come her phone turned off here? Vanaja thinks what they are discussing together? Aalavandan takes Varsha and his wife to Akhila house. Parvathy stops them and asks them to don’t enter inside. Aalavandan questions her why did she stopping him? Vanaja scolds Parvathy for stopping them. Parvathy informs to her that Varsha is a bride so she wants to take Arathi to her. Vanaja thinks that she is getting good name at correct time.

Episode end.