Sembaruthi 19th October 2020 Written Update: Adhi, Parvathi share a romantic moment

Sembaruthi 19th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Parvathi thinking what to make for lunch. She thinks yesterday she had made mushroom fried rice, but it did not come well yet Adhi had it. She thinks of making again mushroom fried rice, but this time tastier. She starts cooking. After sometime she finishes cooking and tastes the dish and gets happy as it’s delicious.

She calls Adhi, who has reached home. He attends the call and lies he has some important work to complete so he can’t come for lunch. When Parvathi tells she will bring the lunch to his office, Adhi says he will return home later to have lunch and asks her to have lunch and take rest. Parvathi gets upset saying she has no luck.

Adhi comes slowly and sits on the countertop. When Adhi tickles on Parvathi’s waist, the latter turns and finds Adhi. She gets happy. She understands he lied to her and tickles Adhi. The latter stops her and they both sit to have lunch. Both feed each other and have their lunch happily.

Nandhini calls Akhila and tells a pleasant shock is awaiting her and she will be happy to see it. Akhila wonders what Nandhini did this time. She wonders if she did something in her office or in her house. Otherside Nandhini calls the inspector and informs Akhila is on the way. The inspector assures her saying he is waiting on her way to arrest Akhila. The police who is following Akhila’s car calls the inspector and informs Akhila’s car crossed the traffic signal.

An auto is shown and inside that auto a pregnant woman is seen screaming in labor pain and a mother consoling her. Otherside in Akhila’s car, the latter is thinking about Nandhini’s words. Suddenly the auto breaks down. The mother stops Akhila’s car and asks to take her daughter to the hospital. Akhila agrees to help the pregnant woman and asks them to get into the car. The police who follows Akhila’s car informs the inspector that Akhila is taking a pregnant woman to the hospital.

The inspector decides not to stop the car as it may create problems for them, if they stop a pregnant woman. They inform Nandhini about it. The latter asks the inspector to follow the car and arrest her. The police do as Nandhini instructed them. Akhila takes the pregnant lady to the hospital and waits outside. The pregnant lady’s mother comes out and announces that her daughter gave birth to a baby and thanks Akhila.

The latter tells her she has paid the hospital bill and take her leave. Arun comes there with Akhila’s car. He gives Akhila’s car key to her and takes his car. Police follows Arun’s car thinking Akhila is inside. When police tries to overtake the car, the inspector notices Arun inside and wonders the car and the number plate are same, but Akhila isn’t inside and questions himself if they missed her.

The episode ends.