Sembaruthi 1st June 2021 Written Update: Adhi praises Parvathy

Sembaruthi 1st June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Parvathy informs to Adhi that she intentionally hides the truth from Akhila because she never shows mercy if someone commit the mistakes. She will punish the person without showing partiality. If Akhila comes to know Ganga planned behind her then she will kick Ganga out of this house. This will definitely affect Aishwarya. It will never stop there but also hurt Arun too. She don’t wanna ruin everyone happiness in this house because of her.

Adhi says to Parvathy that she is thinking for everyone happiness in this house. She is perfect daughter in law of this house. Adhi hugs Parvathy happily. Parvathy questions Adhi why didn’t he share it to Akhila?Adhi says to her that he wishes to share it to her after he confront Parvathy. Adhi tries to be romance with Parvathy. She makes him sit and asks him to close his eyes. She smartly escapes from him.

Parvathy and Adhi are sleeping in their room. Parvathy starts sweating in her sleep. She reminds some old incidents in her dream how did Chandler fall near Akhila and Vanaja tried to kill her with poison! Parvathy dreamed someone tried to kill Akhila. Parvathy wakes up from her dream while shouting mom. Adhi enquires her what happened? Parvathy informs to him that she saw a nightmare. Something gonna happen bad to Akhila. Adhi says nothing like that its just a dream. Parvathy says to him that she fears something bad gonna happen in this house.

Adhi asks her to drink water first. Parvathy drinks the water and feels sad. Adhi asks Parvathy to sleep without worrying. Don’t be confused. If this engagement take place may Guruji words turned to be true but engagement didn’t happened? Adhi says to her they are not cheating Akhila now so she can feel better. Parvathy takes it in different angle. Adhi convinces her asks Parvathy to sleep without tension. Adhi stares her sleeping and drifts into sleep.

Akhila enters into pooja room. She thinks why there is no things in Pooja room to do pooja? How will she do pooja now? Akhila notices Parvathy is coming there with Pooja things. Akhila calls Aishwarya there and asks her to bring all the things for pooja. Aishwarya stares Parvathy. Akhila stands adamant there to get pooja things from Aishwarya. She nods and collect it from Parvathy. She gives the things to Aishwarya. Akhila asks Aishwarya to do the Poona today. Akhila complaints his many days she gonna be like this? She wanna learn how to do Pooja? She will teach to her.

Akhila says to her that there is no rules only one person wanna do the Pooja. Aishwarya says she don’t know how to do pooja! Akhila says to her she will teach her how to do it? Aishwarya nods. Akhila narrates to Aishwarya how to do it. She lit up the lamp and following Akhila’s words. Akhila asks Aishwarya to break the coconut. She breaks it but it was rotten inside. Akhila and Parvathy gets disappointed to see it. Parvathy fears something bad gonna happen there.

Episode end.