Sembaruthi 21st April 2021 Written Update: Akhila asks Adhi for a promise

Sembaruthi 21st April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Uma is checking the medicines. She informs to Vanaja that she has no idea which tablet she should take for fever? Vanaja scolds as good for nothing fellow. She takes the medicine and asks Uma to leave from there. She takes the medicine after Uma leaves. Vanaja thinks that Fever stopped her from attending the function. She has no idea what happened in engagement? She thinks what if Adhi create problems there? Will Akhila lashed out at him? Will they breaks their ties with each other? She feels restless without knowing the truth. She is cursing them for being late. Vanaja thinks that she shouldn’t sit like this. If she sit silent then all her enemies will be happy. She can’t able to see them in happy. Just then she notices Akhila enters inside the house. She sits on sofa angrily. Seeing her reaction Vanaja guesses that something big happened in Engagement function.

Vanaja thinks why did Akhila came alone? Where is rest all? Arun, Aishwarya and Purushothaman reaches there. They stands beside her in silent. Arun says to Australia that She was silent all the way. It seems that she is hell angry on Adhi and Parvathy. They fears what will Akhila says to Parvathy for it! Vanaja thinks that something big happened in function. If she don’t know what happened there her head will be blast. Vanaja goes near Aishwarya. She enquires to her what happened? She asks her to stay quiet. Vanaja keeps pressuring her. Aishwarya alerts her that Akhila is angry. Vanaja questions her why is she Angry? Aishwarya informs to her that engagement stopped. Vanaja pretends like getting shock. She asks to her what happened next? Aishwarya informs to her that Adhi and Parvathy stopped the engagement unaware Akhila is leading it.

Vanaja says it’s a small matter. Why did she exaggerating much? Aishwarya says to her that she fears what will Akhila say to Parvathy? Vanaja assures to her nothing will go wrong here. Akhila will never do against Adhi and Parvathy, reasoning Akhila trusts Adhi a lot. He is very special to her. So Akhila won’t say anything to Adhi. Aishwarya says to her if it happen then she will be happy. Vanaja thinks that her wish will never come to true! If it come to true then all her dreams will be shattered. Adhi comes there along with Parvathy. Uma comes there and stands with Vanaja. She thinks that game begin now.

Adhi takes Parvathy near her. Parvathy advices to Adhi don’t argue with Akhila if she scold Parvathy. He agrees with her. Adhi goes near Akhila and tries to explain her. But Akhila stops him by showing her palm. She questions him doesn’t he know that she promised to her on their family’s sword? He says to her that Bhavani and Mahesh are loving each other. Akhila repeats her question? Adhi says to her as not at all. He learns the truth just now. Akhila asks him to leave this matter here. She warns him to stay away from Mahesh’s marriage life. She asks him to promise her that she will never create any problems in Mahesh’s marriage.

He hesitates a bit. Vanaja says to her that Adhi changed a lot. He won’t promise to her. If she asks Pattamma then all these problems will be over. She stares to her that Bhavani is Pattamma’s grand daughter. Akhila confronts her she confess all the truth to her. She assures to her that she won’t come to job till the marriage is over. Vanaja use irony to insult Akhila and provokes her against Adhi.

Episode end.