Sembaruthi 21st November 2020 Written Update: Parvathi and Adhi’s romantic moment

Sembaruthi 21st November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhila announcing to the boys they will be a 1% shareholder of their new company. One of them says Parvathi is right about her. Vanaja questions what Parvathi said to them. One boy says she said she had worked at Akhila’s house as a cook. Akhila never let her employees down. She will promote those who are loyal to her.

When Vanaja questiones why she had told them these all, the boy says they thought to leave Arun for Nandhini. That time Parvathi changed their mind. He apologizes to Akhila and promises to be loyal for her. Akhila leaves asking Arun to distribute the 1% share documents to the boys.

Parvathi is seen sleeping. Adhi makes henna paste grinding the leaves. He applies the paste on Parvathi’s hand, who is in a deep sleep. In the morning, Parvathi wakes up and gets happy seeing the mehndi in her hands.

She asks Adhi if he has applied the mehndi in her hand. Adhi says yes. He adds yesterday she had to wash her hand off in order to make lunch for him so he has applied mehndi when she was sleeping. He asks if she’s happy. Parvathi nods yes. She hugs Adhi while a romantic song plays in the background.

Aishwarya phones Parvathi. She thanks Parvathi, who doesn’t understand why Aishwarya thanks her. Aishwarya says she prevented the four boys from leaving Arun by telling about Akhila’s goodness. They told everything to Akhila. She did such big silently. Parvathi says she met them in the temple when she went to pray for Arun and explained them about Akhila’s goodness.

Aishwarya says that four boys helped Arun to win the project. If they had left Arun, it would have been a big loss for Arun. She adds she doesn’t know how to thank Parvathi for saving Arun from this loss. Parvathi says she says it was her responsibility. Parvathi says she prayed that Arun would become a great businessman. Aishwarya says he will definitely become one.

Vanaja comes across Parvathi on road. She questions if she’s planning to change Akhila’s mind and enter the house through that four boys. She says she can’t make any plan until she’s there. She says she will also send Aishwarya and Arun out of the house so it will be easy for her to kill Akhila and become the next Akhila. Parvathi asks Vanaja to stop talking nonsense. She says she’s being quiet since she’s also her mother in law and elder than her.

Vanaja says she won’t be able to enter Akhila’s house in this live. She can easily destroy Akhila when she’s alone. Parvathi says she won’t let anything happen to Akhila until she’s alive. She will spoil all her plans against Akhila. Vanaja challenges to humiliate Akhila over the next 7 days. Parvathi challenges her back that she will save Akhila.

Gajendiren calls Arun to know when to start their next project. Arun asks to give him some time to discuss with Akhila and decide. Purushotaman says he can take decisions since he had completed his previous project successfully. Arun says usually it’s mom who takes all descions and asks how he can change it.

Purushotaman says he doesn’t mean to take the decisions without discussing to Akhila. He means to talk to Akhila regarding the project without waiting for her decision. Arun hesitates as Akhika is angry with him. Purushotaman asks if he wants, he will talk to her. Arun says he will wait for Akhila’s descion. Purushotaman says he can wait after asking to his mom since it’s about the project. Arun determinedly says he will wait for Akhila’s descion for a month or even for a year.

In the night during the dinner, Akhila notices Purushotaman is hesitating to talk about something and questions about the same. Purushotaman asks when Arun has to next project. Akhila asks if Arun asked him to ask to her.

 Purushotaman says he himself asking and narrates his conversation with Arun which makes Akhila emotional. Akhila says Arun will become like Adhi a great businessman. Purushotaman says Arun will be overjoyed if he hears her. He asks why she doesn’t guide him. Akhila says he will become responsible and will gain experience when he faces everything alone that’s why she let him handle everything alone. Purushotaman says she can at least tell an auspicious day for Arun to start the new project. Akhila says she will tell tomorrow.

The episode ends.