Sembaruthi 22nd December 2020 Written Update: Adhi is running short of time to save Akhila

Sembaruthi 22nd December 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nandhini telling to Adhi she’s clever than him. She says Madumathi might be with him but she’s not safe. Adhi looks at the back seat. Madhumathi starts feeling dizzy and falls unconscious. Adhi calls out her name. Nandhini laughs saying Madhumathi should be alive untill he reach Akhila’s house to prove his mom’s innocence. She starts telling what happened. A FB is shown where Nandhini mixes poison in Madhumathi’s food.

She takes the food to Madhu. She talks sweetly with her and asks to have the biryani. Madhu refuses to have. Nandhini insists and starts feeding her with her own hands. Madhu pleads with Nandhini to let her go. Nandhini tells she can go back to her home if she finishes eating. Just then she gets the call from her office about the income tax raid. Nandhini understands Adhi’s plan. She orders her goons to place the girl in her car trunk. FB ends.

Nandhini laughs. She says if he wants to save his mom, he has to save Madumathi which is impossible as she gave her a strong poison. If Madhumathi dies in his custody. He and his brother will be accused. She further tells he can’t save his mom and he and his brother have to go to jail with their mom.

She keeps laughing. Adhi asks Arun to stop the car. Adhi tries to awake Madhu. The latter opens her eyes. She cries saying she deserves this for the sin she has committed. Adhi tells Arun to take them to a hospital. Madhu says him to take to any Police station so she can give her statement. Adhi says he will prove his mom is innocent at the same time he will not let her die. He asks Arun to go to the hospital.

Akhila is praying to God while Parvathi is meditating inside the pit. Adhi takes Madhu to the hospital. Doctor admits her in the ICU and starts the treatment. Doctor tells Adhi the poison has reached her brain so they can’t say anything for now. Adhi and Arun wonders what to do now. Otherside goons opens the room Indhumathi is held captive. They tell Madhu is in hospital after consuming poison and Nandhini ordered to kill Indhumathi too.

At the hospital, two goons come to kill Madhu. One among them get dressed up as ward boy. He gets to know from one nurse about Madhu’s condition. He informs another goon about the same. They inform Nandhini. The latter asks them to stay in the hospital and watch closely what’s happening. Nandhini proudly says to herself she’s going to put an end to Akhila and her family.

The episode ends.