Sembaruthi 22nd June 2021 Written Update: Parvathy fears the worst

Sembaruthi 22nd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhila shares to her husband that something is disturbing her. She wishes to meet Guruji in temple if she meet him may he will give a solution to her confusion. Purushothaman praises her idea and asks her to do it he will definitely help her to come out of this confusion. Nandini calls to Rathnam and talks with him something secretly. Purushothaman and Adhi are drinking their coffee Akhila comes there and informs to them that she is going to visit temple.

Purushothaman asks her to go and pray for her peace. Akhila searches for Parvathy there but she is no where to seen. Vanaja thinks that she is searching for her eldest daughter in law. Akhila questions to Aishwarya Is she accompany her to temple? Vanaja thinks that she wishes to take Parvathy with her to temple but when Parvathy is no where to seen she is calling Aiswarya to accompany her. Aishwarya stands there quietly. Akhila says to her don’t hesitate to go with her. Aishwarya nods but Akhila gets a phone call she talks with that person and bids bye to all.

While moving her leg hits with the step she about to fall down Parvathy holds her on nick of time. Everyone rushed towards her and enquires her what happened? Akhila says to then nothing to worry she mistakenly hits her leg with steps. Parvathy asks Akhila to drink the water and stays back for 5 minutes at least reasoning its bad omen. Akhila says she is going to temple what’s the need to check bad omen? God will take care of everything.

Akhila questions Parvathy Is she wishes to accompany her to temple? She tells her she is not ready yet. Akhila nods and leaves from there. Uma questions Vanaja what happened to Akhila? Doesn’t she check bad time and muhurth more then Parvathy? Vanaja says that Akhila is not in her presence of mind now so leave this. Parvathy lighten up the lamp and pray to god that Akhila didn’t listen to her word so take care of her.

Akhila reaches to temple along with Aiswarya. She asks the priest to do archana on god name. She notices Guruji there. She greets him and shares her grief with him. She says to him that she backed off from her promise. She broken the rules and promise so she fears something bad will happen to her family. She is facing so many problems after that. She is not getting any peace there. Guruji says to her that he heard about it too. He adds that there is one pariharam Pooja for that. Akhila feels happy and asks him to do it soon. He tells her to do it on one day In her house. Akhila nods and starts taking round around the temple to worship god.

She is staying near idol. Stranger hears some sound and notices neem tree branches about to fall on Akhila’s head. He pulls her towards him but she slaps him in anger. Branch falls down makes her surprises. Crowd supports that stranger reasoning he saved her life. Akhila says she is Akhilandeswari how could he touch her? She raises her hand but he cries like dump. Someone tells her he is dump. Akhila feels pity on him and apologise to her mistake and thank him for saving her life. He asks her to give one job to him as return. Akhila nods.

Episode end