Sembaruthi 22nd November 2020 Written Update: Perumal meets Akhila

Sembaruthi 22nd November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Perumal visiting Akhila’s house. Perumal gets stunned seeing such a big house and thinks this house son Adhi is staying in his small house. Vanaja notices Perumal and thinks if she lets him inside he will unite mother and son.

Vanaja tries to send Perumal out saying Akhila is angry and won’t meet him. Perumal keeps requesting her to let him meet Akhila. Vanaja calls the security to take Perumal out. At that moment Akhila comes there. She asks Vanaja why she’s asking him to go out. Vanaja says he lied to her… Akhila stops her saying he didn’t lie. She asks Vanaja to treat Perumal as she treats her.

Akhila asks Perumal to sit down. Akhila sends Vanaja to bring coffee for Perumal. The latter says he’s happy that she understands that he’s not at fault. He asks to understand the same way Adhi and Parvathi. Akhila stops him showing her hand.

 Akhila says she still has respect for him, and will never forget his help. She asks not to talk about people with whom she cutted her the ties. Perumal says looking at Vanaja a negative person doesn’t let her to unite with her son and daughter-in-law. Vanaja angrily says Parvathi is a cook who betrayed Akhila by seducing and marrying her son.

Vanaja adds he won’t understand the prestige of Aadhikadavur family. Akhila says to Perumal he can come to this house whenever he wants but requests him not come to talk about them. Perumal leaves saying the time where she will herself ask about Parvathi will come.

Parvathi is making dosa. Adhi is standing next to her. Through, Janu who comes there asking to Pavathi for pazhaya sadam, Adhi gets to know Parvathi daily eats Pazhaya sadam and questions her about the same. Parvathi says she doesn’t want to waste the remaining rice. Adhi gives the dosa to Parvathi and eats the Pazhaya sadam. Parvathi gets emotional. She hugs him.

At Akhila’s house, all the family members are gathered in hall. Vanaja wonders why everyone gathered here, what’s the matter. Guruji comes there. Purushotaman asks Guruji to bless Arun, who is going to start a new project. He then asks to tell an auspicious date to start the project. Guruji checks the callender. He says to do the boomi pooja on coming 26th.

 Akhila says Aishwarya will do the boomi pooja. Guruji says only according to their family tradition, daughter-in-law of this house can do this pooja. Akhila says Aishwarya is the first daughter-in-law of this house. Guruji says Aishwarya can’t become this house’s first daughter-in-law, Aishwarya doing the pooja is not for the family.

Akhila says he told the same in the matter of family jewels, but Arun got the appreciation and an award. She wants to prove her family members wrong as they are afriad that something bad will happen to the family. Guruji takes leave saying everything will happen according to God’s will. Aishwarya asks Akhila to perform the pooja. Akhila strictly says Aishwarya is going to perform the pooja and it’s her final decision.

The episode ends.