Sembaruthi 22nd October 2020 Written Update: Purushotaman advises Arun

Sembaruthi 22nd October 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Akhila telling that Nandhini must be put drugs in Arun’s car with the help of Arun’s friend. Akhila tells to Arun that she’s already in pain and instead of being her support, he is giving her more pain. She asks to change himself according to their family. Thanks to their Ancestors that none of them fell in Nandhini’s trap and faced humiliation. She leaves saying that she is hoping that he will change himself. Purushotaman tells to Arun that Akhila is hurt and asks to understand his mom’s pain.

Adhi is sitting lost in his thoughts. Parvathi comes there and takes few pics of Adhi. The latter notices her and asks to give her phone. He sees his photos. Adhi asks what she likes in him. Parvathi says she likes his smile, his beautiful eyes, his forehead, his nose and his style, his lips etc. They share a romantic moment.

Aishwarya sees her room door locked and asks Arun’s to open the door. When Arun opens the door, Aishwarya asks why he locked the door, she got scared when he took time to open the door. She questions why he is behaving like this. She says thankfully Akhila found out about Nandhini’s plan and avoided the humiliation. Arun says he didn’t expect this. Aishwarya says he is Aadhikadavur Akhiladeshbari’s son and her ennemies are waiting for an opportunity to take revenge on her, so he should be more careful. She tells not to think that she’s advising him, she has responsibility to save this family’s pride and to change him.

Aishwarya calls Parvathi and shares with her about Nandhini’s plan to humiliate Akhila. Parvathi gets shocked. Aishwarya tells that Akhila told they were saved by their ancestors blessings and gives credit to Parvathi for performing the puja wearing the family jewels. Parvathi says she wouldn’t perform the puja without Aishwarya and Arun’s help.

Arun comes downstairs and sees Purushotaman sitting on the dinning table. He thinks to go out before Purushotaman notices him, but the latter stops him and asks to sit to talk with him. Purushotaman asks why he is like this. Arun apologizes saying he doesn’t deserve to be born in this family. He always creates troubles for Akhila. Purushotaman reassures Arun that he will learn slowly. He says he wanted to talk about Aishwarya. He tells to Arun that Aishwary may have some expectations about her husband, he should understand them and act according to that.

Arun comes to office to meet Akhila. He finds her cabin empty and asks Gajendiren where she is. Ganjendiren tells Akhila went to home. When Arun decides to leave, Gajendiren stops him and gives some files to study saying Akhila asked Arun to attend the marketing meeting. When Arun says he can’t attend the meeting, Gajendiren reassures Arun saying he is capable and asks to believe himself. Gajendiren asks Arun to study the files and gets prepared for the meeting. Arun decides to give a try and starts studying the files one by one.

Parvathi shares with Adhi about Nandhini’s plan to frame Akhila in drug case and Akhila spoiling Nandhini’s plan.

The episode ends.