Sembaruthi 26th January 2021 Written Update: Purushtoman gets drunk

Sembaruthi 26th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vanaja breaking the pot. The plants that cause itching fall over her. Vanaja’s skin starts having itching sensation. Vadivel mocks at her. Rajeshwari phones her son’s bodyguard. She asks him to give the phone to Mahesh. The latter shows no intrest to speak with her.

Rajeshwari asks why he speaks with her rudely, if he doesn’t love his mom. Mahesh tells she doesn’t love him either so she had sent him abroad and have put him in house. Rajeshwari tells she did everything to save family’s pride. Mahesh asks his mom to let him live his life according to his wish. Rajeshwari tells he’s her son so he has to live according to her wish. She fulfilled all his wish but asks him to fulfill her desire in his marriage matter. Mahesh tells he can’t marry anyone than Bavani.

Rajeshwari angrily says she can never accept a cook’s granddaughter as her daughter-in-law. She has choosen a girl who is matching to their status. Mahesh denies. Rajeshwari tells she knows how to make him agree. She further tells she will bring him to India on marriage day as the marriage can’t happen without the groom. Mahesh pleads with her but Rajeshwari cuts the call.

Vadivel and Arun mixe alcohol in coconut water and drink it. Purushtoman comes there. He asks what they’re doing here. They tell they’re chit chatting. Purushtoman tells he’s feeling bored so he will join them. Vadivel whispers to Arun to get his dad out of here anyhow. Purushtoman asks what they’re talking between themselves, whatever it is they can ask him directly. Arun tells he never saw him yelling at his mom. Whether it’s due to the respect or fear. Suddenly Purushtoman drinks the coconut water. Vadivel and Arun look stunned. He tells it’s very tasty and keeps drinking the coconut waters. Arun repeats his question and asks Purushtoman to answer his question.

Purushtoman drinks the coconut water again. He tells the taste is very super. Arun tells he has druken 5 coconut waters yet he hasn’t answered his question. This question was in his mind from longtime. Purushtoman tells he will answer after drinking all the coconut water. Purushtoman tells he’s not scared of Akhila.

He tells Akhila has a strict tone while speaking with him but inside she’s scared of him. He then tells how he used to be in his young age. He used to get very angry when Arun and Adhi was kid and one time they got scared on seeing him furious so he changed himself. Arun tells it doesn’t seem to be true. Purushtoman further tells if Akhila comes in front him now, they will see the old Purushtoman that he used to be. Akhila notices them from the window.

The episode ends.