Sembaruthi 26th September 2020 Written Update: Parvathi meets Akhila

Sembaruthi 26th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode begins with Parvathi praying to God. She prays God for reconciliation of Adhi and Akhila. She says to the pusari to check with flowers (poo pottu parthal) if her prayer would be heard. Pusari prayes to God and shows her two folded papers. Parvathi picks one paper. She gets white flowers which is a positive sign. The pusari also gives two special red colored threads to Parvathi and asks to tie them on Akhila and Adhi’s hand and do puja for 21 days. Parvathi wonders how to tie it on Akhila’s hand.

Parvathi tells to Adhi about the red thread given by pusari. Adhi accepts to tie the thread. Parvathi do Puja and ties the red thread on Adhi’s hand. She shows him another red thread and tells that it should be tied on Akhila’s hand by her. Adhi says they will tie it on his mom’s hand. Parvathi asks how. He says he will get an idea.

Adhi brings Parvathi to the hospital and says he told everything to Purushotaman and asks her to go her inside. He waits for her outside the hospital.

Purushotaman is waiting for Parvathi in the lobby. The latter comes and asks how Akhila is. Purushotaman says she is fine and she herself going to meet Akhila. Parvathi is happy to meet Akhila after longtime at the same time she is nervous. Purushotaman assures her that Akhila wouldn’t be able to identify her. He takes her to a nurse who takes her inside a room.

Parvathi comes out disguised as nurse and calls Purushotaman. Parvathi asks him if he can identify her. Purushotaman assures Akhila wouldn’t recognize her and takes her to Akhila’s room. He asks her to wait and goes inside to get Akhila’s permission to tie the thread.

Purushotaman says to Akhila that one nurse from this hospital did a special puja for all the patients admitted here and ties a red thread on everyone’s hand. She wants to tie the thread on her hand too. Akhila accepts saying she doesn’t want to hurt the person who is doing this with good heart. A nurse comes and says she will inject her a medicine and says she may feel dizziness for an half hour.

Outside Parvathi calls Adhi and says she is scared that Akhila may identify her. Adhi asks her not to worry. He says she is doing this with good heart and asks to tie the thread on his mom’s hand without any fear.

The nurse injects the medecine to Akhila and asks Akhila to take rest and leaves. Purushotaman asks Akhila if he can call the nurse who wants to tie the thread. Akhila nods yes. Purushotaman tells to Parvathi that God is in her favor. Akhila is in half sleep as nurse injected some medicine and she won’t be able to identify her. He takes her inside.

Parvathi gets emotional looking at Akhila. Purushotaman calls Akhila by her name. Parvathi greets her. The latter asks the nurse’s name. Parvathi lies Banumathy. Akhila asks from where she is. Parvathi says she is from countryside. Akhila says only people from countryside have such good thought. Akhila asks where she did her nursing course. Parvathi looks on unable to answer. Purushotaman helps her telling in Pondicherry. Akhila asks about the red thread. Parvathi says it’s a special thread given in the temple and ties it in Akhila’s right hand.

The episode ends.