Sembaruthi 27th February 2021 Written Update: Parvathi feels guilty

Sembaruthi 27th February 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Aishwarya taking Parvathi to Akhila’s room since she has called her. Akhila says her friend wanted to meet her, but as she got an emergency, she has to leave immediately. She adds that she will come to her wedding anniversary celebration so they can meet there. Parvathi nods and leaves from along with Aishwarya.

In the night, Arun suggests Adhi and Parvathi to sleep in his room. Purushotaman says to Adhi that since he has left the house, Akhila locked his room so that no can enter it and she has the room key. Arun says they will stay in any other room. Akhila watches from upstairs. She calls out Aishwarya and hands over to her Adhi’s room key.

Aishwarya happily shows to Adhi and Parvathi their room key. They all take them to their room. Vadivel says that the room must be dusty as it was locked for long period and calls Pattamal to clean it. Parvathi refuses saying she will clean it. They go inside and get surprised to see room clean and neat. They wonder who would have cleaned the room. Pattama comes there and reveals that Akhila cleaned this room last night. She tells what happened.

A FB is shown. Akhila comes to Adhi room, and admires his photo fixed on the wall. Pattamal comes there to clean the room. Akhila stops her saying tomorrow her Adhi is going to come home so she will clean his room for him. She happily dusts off the whole room. FB ends. Adhi and Parvathi are overwhelmed hearing this while others are elated. Vadivel says Akhila loves Adhi lot so she has cleaned his room in the late night. Purushotaman admits that Akhila always loved Adhi more. Arun says Adhi and Parvathi must be tired, so they should let them rest. They all leave from there.

Adhi bolt the door and turns to find Parvathi sitting sad. He asks her what happened. She says that when there are so many servants to do household works, Akhila herself cleaned his room. She further says that she should have never come between him and his mom. She blames herself for their separation. Adhi denies it. He says that they have come to celebrate his parents wedding anniversary, they can’t celebrate happily, if she keeps overthinking.

Parvathi agrees with him. She suggests Adhi to go to talk with his mom. Adhi is clueless what to talk with her. Parvathi says Akhila must have wanted to talk with him in private, but she hasn’t got any good opportunities for that. She insists him to go saying she will feel happy to talk with him. Adhi agrees and leaves from there.

Akhila is seen talking to someone in phone call. Adhi comes to her room. He first feels reluctant to enter, then he goes inside. Akhila notices him and cuts the call. Akhila asks him what’s the matter. He says nothing and asks her to continue her phone call. Akhila says she will speak afterwards and asks him again what is the matter. Adhi says nothing, he has come to see her, he will come again later and asks her to rest. He says good night and is about to leave, but stops at the door and looks at his mom.

The episode ends.