Sembaruthi 27th January 2021 Written Update: Parvathi rings the temple bell

Sembaruthi 27th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhila noticing Purushtoman, Arun and Vadivel sitting in the garden. She asks them what they’re doing there at late night and asks them to come inside. The next day Akhila and her family visit the temple. A village man tells Akhila that she has come with her family for this year pongal celebration and made it very special. He asks her to spend some more time here.

Sundaravalli tells Akhila wants to return to Chennai today. Akhila tells if they stay here, who will look after their factory and business. The man takes their leave. Sundaravalli tells Akhila that she’s happy that she accepted her invitation and came with her family to celebrate pongal in the village after 3 years. Akhila tells she should apologizes to her for not coming all this 3 years. She promises to come here every year. Sundaravalli tells she should come with her family. Akhila agrees.

Aishwarya notices a couple. The man lifts his wife up so she can ring the temple bell. The wife couldn’t reach the bell so they leave getting disappointed. Aishwarya asks why the temple bell has been attached so high, if it was attached to a reachable height, it would be easy for people to ring it. Sundaravalli tells there’s a reason behind it and asks Akhila to tell it. Akhila tells the couple who will be able to ring that bell wil be together in all their seven lives. Aishwarya wishes to ring the bell. Sundaravalli asks Arun to fulfill her desire. Arun lifts Aishwarya up, she tries to ring the bell. Family encourages the couple. After many attempts, Aishwarya couldn’t ring the bell.

Sundaravalli then asks Adhi to lift Parvathi up. The couple first hesitates then agrees. Adhi lifts Parvathi up and Parvathi, after few attempts, rings the bell. Family gets happy. Sundaravalli tells they will be husband and wife in all their seven lives. Akhila looks unhappy. Just then Akhila receives Rajeshwari’s phone. She goes to a corner to speak. Rajeshwari tells Akhila that Mahesh has come back India. Otherside Bavani phones Parvathi. She cries saying Mahesh has returned to India and his mom is looking alliance for him. Parvathi reassures her.

Rajeshwari tells Akhila that her son is still adamant but she can’t compromise her family’s pride for that. Rajeshwari tells she needs her help and asks her to come to chennai soon so they can talk to girl’s family and fix the marriage. Rajeshwari further tells she’s worried that the rowdy girl will create any trouble. Akhila asks her not to worry, her son’s marriage is her responsibility, so she will handle everything. Parvathi tells Bavani she has already gave her words to her and she belongs to a family who always keeps their words up, so don’t worry her marriage will happen with Mahesh only and no one can stop this.

At home Sundaravalli asks Arun where’s Akhila, Adhi and Parvathi. Arun tells they are in their respective room packing their bags. Sundaravalli tells to Purushtoman, Arun and Aishwarya that she couldn’t fulfill her promise of uniting Akhila and Pravathi within one week. She gets emotional.

The episode ends.