Sembaruthi 28th January 2021 Written Update: Akhila wishes to meet the girl who supports Bavani

Sembaruthi 28th January 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Sundaravalli getting emotional saying that she couldn’t fulfill her promise given to Parvathi. She failed to unite Akhila and Parvathi. Arun and Purushtoman tell there’s lot of changes in Akhila and it’s because of her efforts. Sundaravalli tells Akhila likes Parvathi but there’s something that stops her from accepting Parvathi. Akhila won’t go against her words but she doesn’t want to force Akhila to accept Parvathi.

Akhila should accept Parvathi with her whole heart and it will definitely happen one day. They should give some time for Akhila. Parvathi has all the qualities to become Akhila’s daughter-in-law. She has faith that soon Akhila will accept Parvathi. Aishwarya agrees with her. Sundaravalli asks them to get ready to leave for Chennai.

Akhila is wondering how to face Adhi while leaving to Chennai, whether to ask him to come with them or not. Purushtoman comes there. He tells he knows she’s thinking about Adhi. He further tells he or Sundaravalli will not compell her to do anything. They’re certain one day her heart will change and they all will wait for that day. He asks her to come downstairs.

Sundaravalli asks Akhila to come back with her family for next year pongal. Akhila agrees. Akhila tells her heart has become very light after spending a week here with her. She doesn’t want to return to Chennai but she has to go as she has some important work. Sundaravalli tells she understands her. She applies kukumam on her forehead and blesses Akhila.

A man comes there with a problem. He tells he has repaid the money to the lender but he refused to return his land paper. Akhila tells if she hadn’t to go to chennai, she would teach the lender a good lesson. She asks Adhi to stay here for one day and solve this problem. Adhi agrees. Parvathi thinks she has told Bhavani that she will return today and wonders what to do now. Akhila leaves with the family members to Chennai.

Adhi finds Parvathi lost in her thinking and asks her she’s thinking about. He asks if she thinks about Bavani. Parvathi tells she has promised Bavani that she will return today and she will be waiting for her. Adhi asks her to go to chennai. Parvathi refuses to leave without him. Adhi tells if she doesn’t go Bavani may take a wrong decision again. Parvathi tells she also worried but she will phone Bavani and explain her but she can’t leave him alone here.

Parvathi phones Bavani and tells they will return next day as Adhi got some important work. Bavani gets sad. She tella she was confident because she’s coming back. Parvathi asks if she knows who is the girl choosen by Mahesh mom for Mahesh. Bavani tells she knows. Parvathi tells a plan and asks Bavani to do as she told. Bavani agrees.

Akhila phones Raji. She tells she’s on the way to chennai. She will meet her after completing a business meeting. Akhila tells she wants to meet the rowdy girl who supports Bavani. She wants to know whether she’s really supporting Bavani or doing this for money. Raji agrees but she wonders how to arrange a meeting with that rowdy girl. Akhila asks Raji to as she says and tells a plan.

The episode ends.