Sembaruthi 29th November 2020 Written Update: Adhi apprises Parvathi about his Hyderabad trip

Sembaruthi 30th November 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vanaja noticing Parvathi performing the pooja. Vanaja thinks how Parvathi dared to perform the pooja. She goes to bring Akhila. Aishwarya is doing the pooja. The priest tells the pooja is over. Vanaja comes there. She tells to Akhila that someone else is doing pooja in their land. Akhila asks to let them as they have just got that there’s some error in measurement. Vanaja urges Akhila to come and see. Akhila goes along with Vanaja. Purushotaman, Arun and Aishwarya looks on tensed.

Parvathi and Aishwarya places the brick and completes the pooja. Before Akhila notices Parvati, the latter hides and the wife of landowner that Parvathi met, is performing the pooja. The lady apologizes to Akhila for doing Pooja in their land. Vanaja wonders where’s Parvathi. The lady gives the pooja kalasam to Akhila as the pooja was done in her land. The priest also tells the same so Akhila accept the kalasam. She gives it to Aishwarya. Later Parvathi thanks the lady for her help. The lady praises Parvathi for caring for her mother-in-law’s family. She says one day Akhila will understand her and accept her as her daughter-in-law.

At Akhila’s house, the latter places the Kalasams on pooja room and prays. Vanaja angrily looks on. Arun mokes Vanaja saying he can smell someone’s burning stomach. Purushotaman receives a call. He then tells to Akhila that their company’s shares are increased like never before. Akhila is happy to hear the news. She says they have just placed the pooja kalasam in the pooja room and got a good news. She says the kalasam and the theertam are the reason for the increased shares. Vanaja disagrees with Akhila. She says how can she believe the corporation water can be the reason for the profit their comapny got. Akhila says if one’s belief, can transform normal water can transform into holy water. Good things happen when a person does something with a good intention, like the lady who performed the pooja in their land, gave their pooja Kalasam to them. Akhila leaves saying she won’t be able to understand all this. Arun mockes Vanaja. He says that the few drops water given by Parvathi with good intentions, can do so much goodness for the family. Vanaja looks on annoyed.

Adhi asks how the pooja went. Parvathi says she completed the pooja, but suddenly Akhila came there, but she couldn’t see her as Arun and Vadivel made some plan. She tells him everything happened. Parvathi says Akhila happily accepted her pooja Kalasam. Adhi asks if she’s happy to which she says yes. When Parvathi asks for 10k, Adhi gives his ATM card. Parvathi asks if he doesn’t want to know the reason. He says he knows the reason. She must have prayed to God. Parvathi says they both should go to the temple to thank God. Adhi says he has to go Hyderabad for some work. Parvathi gets upset.

The episode ends.