Sembaruthi 29th October 2020 Written Update: GK is impressed with Adhi’s presentation

Sembaruthi 29th October 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Adhi along with Gk going to the meeting. Otherside GK is shown coming to the same meeting. The two meet and present themselves. GK says he liked Adhi in their first time meeting itself.

Aishwarya is clueless why folders are empty. Purushotaman gives his laptop to Aishwarya. The latter connects the hard disk with the laptop but the result is same. Akhila asks why the hard disk is not happening. When Purushotaman asks if they have a copy of the presentation,Arun tells that they copied everything in the hard disk before deleting the original from the laptop. Arun says maybe hard disk got corrupted when the back fell down during the accident.

Akhila questions what accident. Aishwarya narrates what had happened. Akhila scoldes them for coming in bike when they’ve a car. She scolds Aishwarya saying she doesn’t expect this from her. She has lost the trust that she had on her. Aishwarya cries. Purushotaman tries to defend Arun and Aishwarya. Akhila gets angry. She calls one of the architects who worked on this project to get help.

Akhila shouts at Arun and Aishwarya saying how they will present the project without any blueprint as the architects are out of city. She balmes Aishwarya and Arun for the first time her company won’t be able to do the presentation and lashes out at Aishwarya. Arun tells his mom not to scold Aishwarya and further says he will get the contract signed somehow. Aishwarya walks away crying, Arun follows her.

Akhila tells confidently to Purushotaman that Arun will definitely win this project and she has full faith on him.

At Mumbai, the meeting starts. Every company presents their projects to GK. At last Adhi does his presentation. GK gets impressed and praises Adhi. He tells Adhi couldn’t be a simple employee as only company boss can do such wonderful presentation. Adhi tells he’s working for Dinesh. GK finds hard to believe it. He announces that he approves Adhi’s presentation.

When GK offers to work in his company, Adhi says he prefers to be loyal for Dinesh who helped him in his difficult time. He asks him to stay till 10th. Adi says he couldn’t stay till 10th as that day it’s his wedding anniversary. GK says ok then they will celebrate their union evening. Adhi apologizes to GK saying he can’t attend his party, but when GK insists, Adhi agrees without any option.

Parvathi is waiting for Parvathi. She writes down the gift she wants. Adhi phones Parvathi. The latter asks where he’s, if he’s on the way. Adhi tells he’s in Mumbai and will return morning. Parvathi thinks he’s teasing again, but Adhi says he’s really in Mumbai as he has to attend a party. Parvathi asks then there’s leave for their game. Adhi asks her to go to their room and checks the shelf where books are arranged. Parvathi finds Adhi’s gift there and gets happy.

The episode ends.