Sembaruthi 30th June 2021 Written Update: Akhila calls sick

Sembaruthi 30th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Akhila gets panic and says to her family they gave sword to her believing she will take care of it but she lossed it today. She ruined their family name. Adhi asks her to don’t be panic and stop crying. Akhila says she has no. Idea where is that sword. Sword is everything to her family. Akhila faints in tension. Everyone rushed towards her. Doctor is checking her and informs to all she was already in tension. She fainted in shock nothing to worry. She needs to take medicine on time.

Doctor asks Purushothaman to stop worrying about her. Adhi asks Arun to send her out. He nods and takes her from there. Shiva is spying them without their knowledge. Vanaja feels happy to see Akhila’s state. She feels disappointed seeing her gets conscious. Akhila looks around and questions Adhi Is they find out her sword? Purushothaman says to her they didn’t got it yet. Akhila cries again saying its her ancestors sword.

Purushothaman says to her they can find it soon. Akhila says to him she arranged pooja for it. Adhi tells her that sword won’t go anywhere it will return to their hand. Guruji comes there. Vanaja thinks that he is giving entry at correct time let’s arrange one room there for him. Guruji says to her nothing to worry. Akhila shares her grief to Guruji. Her ancestors used to do this pooja to that sword without any problem. But when her time comes it went missing. Is her ancestors are angry on her. Guruji says to her problem will make her strong. Vanaja thinks to create problems there.

Vanaja tells to Akhila that Parvathy is eldest daughter in law. Akhila didn’t allowed her to do this pooja may be it’s all happening because of it. Parvathy says to her stop talking like this. There is no problem if Akhila do pooja here. Vanaja says it’s not god’s punishment may Patvathy hide this sword intentionally to stop Akhila from doing this pooja. Adhi gets angry and lashes out at Vanaja. Guruji informs to Akhila they can’t able to do pooja without sword. Adhi assures to Akhila that he will definitely find the sword tomorrow at any cost. She will do this pooja without fail. He promises on the sword.

Guruji praises Adhi and leaves from there. Adhi assures to Akhila again and takes Parvathy from there. Purushothaman asks Aishwarya to bring juice for Akhila. Parvathy and Adhi are nervous and thinks about the sword matter. Parvathy says to him that pooja might take place tomorrow as he said press Akhila will be broken. Adhi tells her that they wanna find whether it went missing or someone took it first? Parvathy says to him that they wanna find it soon and do the pooja. Because Akhila’s reputation is in it. Adhi assures to her he will keep his words. Vanaja thinking whom stoles the sword.

Ganga and Uma are praising Vanaja for stealing it. Vanaja tells them clearly that she didn’t steal it. Even she has no idea whom stoles it? Vanaja says if Akhila hears it then she will accuse her. Ganga asks her to stop lying doesn’t she wishes to see Akhila hurting herself and lossing her face. Vanaja agrees to her and says she has no connection with this matter. Ganga questions her then why did she blamed Parvathy?

She tells her that she is expecting an situation to kick out Patvathy from this house so she used it. Uma says may Nandini stoles it. Vanaja denies it. Parvathy enters into the pooja room and complaints to god for giving pain to them. She prays for Akhila. Parvathy asks god to give a way to find the sword.

Episode end