Sembaruthi 30th September 2020 Written Update: Vanaja is confident that Akhila will bail her out of jail

Sembaruthi 30th September 2020 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vanaja picking a fight with Mandodari without knowing she is Mandodari. She asks who is Mandodari and asks to come her out. Mandodari says she is Mandodari and beats Vanaja and warns her.

Pattama asks Aishwarya to have breakfast. The latter says she is fasting praying for Akhila’s good health. Pattama says Akhila is lucky to get two daughters-in-law who love her a lot. She further says Akhila didn’t trust Aishwarya, but trusted Vanaja who deceived her. Aishwarya says Akhila was upset, as she was supporting Parvathi and Vanaja used this situation in her favour.

Aishwarya further says as Vanaja’s isn’t here, there will be lot of changes in Akhila. She will understand her and she will also accept Parvathi. Adhi and Parvathi will come back to this house and they all will live happily as a family. Pattama saya Vanaja shouldn’t come back to this house. Aishwarya assures her that will never happen. Hereafter Vanaja’s place is in jail only.

Mandodari is sitting along with other accused and the warden. Vanaja is massaging Mandadori’s arm. A warden comes and informs someone came to meet Vanaja.

Nandhini meets Vanaja in jail and questions if she is angry with her. Vanaja denies. Nandhini tells that the lawyer told they can’t bail her out of jail since Akhila has political influences. She has to stay in jail till she completes the 14 days of remand. Nandhini asks if she is not angry that she didn’t take her out. Vanaja says Akhila herself will bail her out of jail. Nandhini questions after all happenings how she is certain that Akhila will take her out of jail.

Vanaja tells she knows Akhila very well. The latter believes that everyone around her are traitors and she is only loyal towards her. She is certain that no one would have told her about her being in jail. When she will get discharged she will ask for her and she will come to take her in bail. If she doesn’t come, she will force her to come. She tells Nandhini not worry about her.

Vanaja thinks of teaching a lesson to Mandodari before going out of the jail. Warden comes and informs Vanaja that someone came to meet her. She wonders who came to meet her.

Vadivel meets Vanaja and advises her to seek Akhila’s forgiveness. Vanaja confidently says that Akhila will bail her out of jail. Akhila trusts her more than anyone, so she will definitely take her out of the jail.

Ganesh asks Vadivel if Vanaja regretted her act. Vadivel says she doesn’t change at all. Sundaram comes there. Vadivel tells to Sundaram that Vanaja is very confident that Akhila will bail her out of jail. Sundaram says Akhila won’t forgive Vanaja this time. Vadivel tells he wants to talk about it to Akhila. Sundaram says Akhila doesn’t know anything as they decided to tell the truth after Akhila get discharged. Arun comes there. Sundaram and Arun go to the hospital. Vadivel also takes leave. Ganesh parys to him mom photo that Vanaja should not come back to Akhila’s mansion.

The episode ends.