Sembaruthi 3rd June 2021 Written Update: Nandini provokes Raaji

Sembaruthi 3rd June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arun tells to Parvathy that she stopped Raaji on right time or else Akhila may faces humiliation in front of all family members. She saved her family reputation and name. Aishwarya says sorry to her. Parvathy informs to them that she done everything as a daughter in law of this house its her duty to save Family reputation. Don’t say sorry and thank you to her like third person. Arun questions Parvathy whom locked Bhavani inside their house? Aishwarya questions the same to Parvathy? Adhi and Parvathy stares each other hesitates. They reminds Bhavani words and stays silent. Aishwarya repeats the question?

Adhi questions Arun whom dare to do such things in our house then Vanaja? Arun thinks he is correct he has no idea when will Vanaja change? Aishwarya advises to Parvathy that she should have informed the truth to Akhila without showing mercy to her. She is doing too much in the hope she won’t reveal the truth. Adhi says that they can’t able to change someone then they wanna change when they will change themselves! Arun and Aishu agrees with him.

Adhi is thinking something Parvathy calls everyone to take lunch. Parvathy about to call Akhila but Aishwarya stops her reasoning she is not in the mood to eat. Arun says he will go and bring her here. Parvathy informs to him that Akhila may worried about thinking Raaji. Nothing to worry she will bring her food to her room and makes sure she eat that. Ramu comes there. Adhi welcomes him while mentioning Rama linka Partha Sarathi. He complaints its a big name so call him as Ramu. His father who kept this lengthy name to him. Ramu questions them why did everyone silent today? All are looking sad? He questions Arun why is he sad too? Arun informs to him that something big happened here that’s why all are in mood out. Arun narrates everything to Ramu. How did Akhila promised to Raaji to how did Parvathy stopped the engagement by revealed the truth.

Ramu gets shock to hear it. He complaints that it will end up like this only if they give promise to wrong person. Ramu says we shouldn’t be hungry for this and takes them from there. Raaji is keep thinking about the incident. She gets angry to remind the insult of Akhila. She throws down the phone in anger. Someone comes there and takes it. Her face reveals to be Nandini. Rathnam calls her. Raaji questions him Is he gonna ask her to be calm down? Doesn’t he saw everything there? His son left saying he won’t call her as mom anymore? Her wish didn’t fulfilled Engagement stopped. She won’t leave that Akhila. She gonna see her as her enemy hereafter. Nandini starts clapp hearing it. Raaji gets surprise to see her there.

Nandini tells her that she got promise from Akhila to not ended up like this but that promise made her ended up like this at last. Raaji says that Akhila back off from her promise and kicked her out of her house after insult her. Nandini says to Raaji she got insulted many times in front of Akhila so she can understand her pain. Akhila is behaving like this in her ego and family name. Nandini asks Raaji to ruin her prestige in society. Nandini asks her to make everyone against that Akhila. Raaji asks her to help her in it. She wanna see Akhila bending her head down infront of all. Nandini says that day will come soon.

Episode end.