Sembaruthi 4th June 2021 Written Update: Nandini’s evil move

Sembaruthi 4th June 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nandini Says to Raaji that if she wanna take revenge on Akhila then she wanna spoil her name in this society. Raaji says that Akhila used to say proudly about her family name and prestige. She wanna see her kissing her face in front of this society for kicking her out of her house. She insulted her for that Akhila might pay for it. Raaji questions Nandini Is it possible? She assures to her it will happen soon but she wanna wait for it patiently. Adhi is doing jogging there Arun too joins with him. He tells to Adhi he can’t able to do it. Adhi questions Arun Is he finished early? How many rounds he went? He informs to him just 2. Aiswarya comes there and questions him the same? Adhi complaints to her Arun didn’t run at all but already taking rest.

Aishwarya complaints why is he doing like this? He is gaining too much weight. Driver is staring them from far. Arun says to her that he will continue his jogging after sometimes. He questions her where is Puruahothaman? Aiswarya informs to him that she didn’t see him in hall may he is sleeping in his room. Adhi informs to her he won’t sleep in this time mom will wake him up for early morning. Arun teases that Mom may taking class to dad like the way she taking him.

Parvathy comes there and brings coffee to them. Adhi enquires about mom. Parvathy informs to them mom and dad are not in home. May they both went out. Aishwarya says they won’t go anywhere without informing. Parvathy gets nervous and asks Adhi to call them. Adhi dials to their number but it’s not reachable. Adhi doubts where did they went without informing to anyone here? Akhila calls to Adhi and informs to him that she is going to village reasoning she was disappointed with Raaji incident.

Adhi questions her why did she left without informing to anyone? Akhila says she needs relaxation so she took Puruahothaman with her and going to stay in village for some days. She asks them to don’t disturb them for one week. She disconnects the call. Adhi informs this to everyone. Arun questions him what will they do now? Adhi says to him let them take rest don’t disturb them. Adhi adds to Parvathy that she went to take rest so don’t take blame on herself.

Nandini working on laptop Raaji comes there to meet her. Raaji questions her Is she disturb her? She nods negatively. Nandini questions her Is Akhila called her? She informs to her how will she call her after back off from her words. Akhila went to village for her relaxation after ruining her peace. She even asked no one to disturb her. Nandini informs to her the time came to ruin Akhila’s name in this situation. Raaji questions her what she gonna do? Nandini shares some plans to Raaji. Raaji gets impress by her plan. She appreciates her plan. Nandini assures to her when Akhila coming back she would have loss her face and name.

Raaji asks Nandini to implement her plan. Nandini calls to some one and talks with them. Raaji gets happy to hear it. She thinks that she might pay for insulting her. Arun questions Aishwarya where is Vanaja?she informs to her that she went out. Ramu complaints that Arun is not giving respect to him and not even considering he studied with Adhi. Arun complaints he may studied with him but roaming with him always. Post comes there Parvathy collects it from the post man. Adhi checks it and gets shock to read it. Driver is spying them. Adhi informs to all that someone forged 10 crore amount in Bangalore branch.

Episode end.