Sembaruthi 5th April 2021 Written Update: Mahesh makes a shocking suggestion to Bavani

Sembaruthi 5th April 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Vanaja saying to Uma that they should somehow create rift between Parvati and Akhila, and make Parvati leave this house. Few men come there saying they’re coming from zeetamil network. They ask to interview Akhila for women’s day, as she got best woman of the year award. They say that Akhila won millions of people’s heart, and they would like to know whether she holds a place in her family members’ heart. Vanaja thinks of using this opportunity to create differences between Akhila and Parvathi, and agrees for the interview, but she puts forth a condition: they should ask only the questions that she will give. The media people agree. They take her leave. Uma asks Vanaja how she can agree for the interview without getting Akhila’s permission. Vanaja says that she will prove to Akhila that Adhi value only Parvathi and not her, then Akhila will automatically turn against Parvathi. She smirks.

Adhi sees that Parvathi is massaging her leg. He says that Sundaram told him about what doctor reproached to her. She complained that her family didn’t take enough care of her. Adhi sits on the floor, and does her wound’s dressing.

Meanwhile, Purushotaman goes to Akhila, who working on her laptop. He tells her that Parvathi’s doctor, Girija called him, and informed that Parvathi got furious when Girija badmouthed Akhila. Purushotaman adds that this proves how much Parvathi values her. Purushotaman keeps praising Parvathi, and observes Akhila’s reaction. However Akhila remains impassive which upset Purushotaman.

Aiswarya comes to Parvathi. On seeing Aishwarya Parvathi asks Adhi to leave her leg. Adhi says that he’s doing his wife’s wound’s dressing and there’s nothing wrong in it. Aishwarya praises Adhi for caring his wife, and says Arun is useless. Arun comes there too. Aishwarya complains to Arun that he never cared her like Adhi cares his wife. Arun jokes saying he will also care her when she will break her leg like Parvathi, and walks away.

Akhila says to Purushotaman that no one replied to the mails of Canadian company, and asks what they would think about their company. She says that she will directly talk to Adhi about it since he’s handling this project. She goes to Adhi room.

Aishwarya thinks to give privacy to Adhi and Parvathi, and walks out. She notices Akhila coming towards Adhi’s room, and thinks that she should prevent her from going to Adhi’s room. She tells Akhila that Adhi isn’t in his room, and asks to phone him. However Akhila understands that Aishwarya is lying. She realizes that Adhi must be spending time with Parvathi, so she can’t talk to him whenever she wants. She goes back to her room.

Bavani and Mahesh meet up in a restaurant. Bavani asks Mahesh why he called her urgently. Mahesh says that he’s scared his mom will separate them. Bavani reminds him that Adhi and Parvathi promised them to unite, and asks if he doesn’t trust them. Mahesh says they’re his only hope, but still he’s scared. He suggests doing register marriage. Bavani gets shocked hearing him.

The episode ends.