Sembaruthi 5th July 2021 Written Update: Adhi’s smart move

Sembaruthi 5th July 2021 Written Update on

The episode starts with Arun dials to Adhi’s number to collect the information from him. Singaram complaints to Adhi that he was calling to Nandini’s number from yesterday but she is not attending the call. Adhi asks him to try once again. Singaram says to him same result again. Adhi informs to him that Arun is calling he has no idea what to answer him? Arun informs to him that Guruji came to house what to do next? Adhi says to him he will definitely bring the sword back soon he asks Guruji to start the arrangements for the pooja.

Arun shares to Purushothaman that Adhi assured to that he will definitely bring the sword back on time. Purushothaman says that Adhi will never give fake hope let’s start the pooja. Vanaja thinks how is it possible how comes Adhi learnt where is the sword? She wishes to wait and see how they are gonna do this pooja without sword. She thinks that she don’t like everyone is happy in this house. Parvathy is sleeping in sitting position outside of servant house.she wakes up and looks around nervously. She again calls into sleep.

Servant comes out of her house with her daughter and notices Parvathy there. Servant tells her that she is feeling pity on her just leave from here she don’t know anything about the sword. Parvathy places her hand on her daughter’s head and demands her to say the truth she will leave from there after that. Servant agrees to say the truth. Servant reveals to her that she heard Nandini talking with someone that she hidden the sword in Nagathamman temple but she don’t know the exact place of it. Parvathy apologies to her for demanding her to promise on her daughters’s name. Guruji is arranging everything for pooja there.

Purushothaman helping him to do it all. Uma comes there and stands beside Vanaja. Vanaja thinks that there is no hope will that sword return to this house or not but Purushothaman is busy here to suggesting things for pooja. She thinks may that thief throw the sword in dustbin after finding its old. Adhi asks Singaram to try again to Nandini. Singaram tells him that he gonna keep dial to her number till she attend the call. Nandini is getting ready to go out. She hears the mobile sound and notices Raaji is calling. Singaran tells to Adhi may she has some problem with that Raaji that’s why she is not attending the call. Nandini finally attends the call Adhi asks her to speak with her in Raaji’s voice.

Singaram talks with her in Raaji’s voice to her. He questions her why didn’t she attend the call she was trying to her mobile from yesterday. Nandini says to her that she put her mobile in silent mode so didn’t noticed it. Singaram questions her Is she know that Akhila’s family sword went missing? Nandini tells her that she was the one stole it even she informed this to her. Singaram conveys it to Adhi. Adhi asks him to enquire her where is the sword? Raaji questions her Is she called her? Nandini shares to her that she called her but Rathnam attend the call. He didn’t informed to her yet.

Nandini Informs to him that she places the sword in Nagathamman temple. He asks to her smartly where did she hide it Is it safe there? Nandini informs to her it will be very safe. If someone tries to touch it they will die in next second. Singaram demands her to say where is it actually. She deny it and disconnects the call. Singaram conveys it to Adhi. They leaves from there after thinking Mahesh. Guruji asks Arun to bring Akhila down. Akhila enquires to Arun Is Adhi came? Arun tells her that Adhi assured to him that he will definitely bring the sword back. Arun asks Akhila to believe Adhi and takes her down.

Episode end.